In 2015, I posted a craft room reveal on my blog. My craft room lived in the smallest room of the house.  I loved the layout of the room, but I wanted to have more room to grow.  By 2016, I had a knitting machine and a desire to use more of my sewing machine collection more easily.  The room was just too small for the equipment I had in there.  I also wanted to move my office (basically just my computer and printer) from the dreary basement into my craft room too.

Welcome to my new craft room!  I had a spare bedroom in my house so I converted the spare bedroom into my new, larger craft room and turned my old craft room into a sweet baby nursery for my son.  This set up should work for my household for a few years at least.

Video Craft Room Tour:

My favourite things about my craft room:

  • I love my wall of quilting fabric. ¬†I use comic book boards to wrap my fabric like mini fabric bolts. ¬†Read about that organization system on this previous blog entry: How to Make Mini Fabric Bolts for Your Craft Room.
  • I love my mini jars for all those crafty bits and bobs that tend to get lost. ¬†I keep these on their sides in a shallow desk drawer.
  • I love to keep small decor items that make me smile every time I look at them. ¬†For example, my mini decorative sewing machine, my Asian ball-jointed dolls (MSD size), and artwork given to me by friends or created by me. ¬†I’m slowly building a gallery wall.
  • My cutting tools hung behind the door, like my cutting mat and rulers. ¬†For a long time, these tools just got left around wherever they could fit. ¬† I’m so glad they have their own home now.
  • My Singer 66 vintage sewing machine looks beautiful and functions great! ¬†It’s my go-to for sewing in my sewing room. ¬†When I want to sew¬†in the living room, I use my Singer 301 portable machine instead.

Improvement wish list for my craft room:

  • My closet is not one of those Pinterest-ready closets. ¬†It’s purely for function. ¬†I’d love to one day have a more beautiful storage system, but I suppose that closets have doors for a reason.
  • I want to paint the wooden sewing desk I recently picked up to match my other desk. ¬†It’s a fake wood veneer that isn’t very attractive.
  • My main work table is one of those cheap folding tables. ¬†I’d love to get a real permanent work table. ¬†Additionally I have utilitarian storage tubs for my fleece and other fashion fabrics that are¬†visible under the work table. ¬†I’d like to come up with a solution for the under-table area that is prettier.

I’m always looking for craft room inspiration. ¬†If you have posted a craft room tour video or pictures on your blog, feel free to share the post link in the comments!

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