I used to keep my odds and ends of craft bits in a few small boxes, mix-mashed together. You know how stuff accumulates: little bits of leftover ribbon, spare scrapbook album posts, metal brads, paper clips. the list goes on. By using tiny glass jars, you can subdivide small boxes into smaller units which allows you to sort your small notions by type.

These jars measure about 1.5″ wide by 1.75″ high, but I’m sure you can find jars in many different sizes and shapes to suit your organizational needs.

I’ve never purchased any tiny glass jars, but I’ve collected over twenty of them over time. You may even have some kicking around your home! Most of my jars come from mini fruit jam gift sets that people always seem to give to me at Christmas time. Another source was a restaurant that served their maple syrup in single serve mini jars (I asked for a few extra just for the purpose of saving the jars — I’m sure the waiter thought I was being greedy!).

I fit ten jars in these small 5″x5″x3″ cardboard boxes that I purchased from the dollar store. By placing the jars on their sides in the box, you can easily view what’s in the jars from top-view.

The jars keep things from getting tangled and lost, plus they look oh-so-cute too!

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