I’m passionate about sharing knowledge.  Learn with me on a variety of crafty topics like quilting, sewing, paper craft, and more!

Project Inspiration

Get inspired by some of my latest makes!  I’ll share the details of projects I’ve been working lately.  

Vintage Sewing Machines

You’ll see vintage sewing machines heavily throughout this blog.  I have a growing collection of VSM (Vintage Sewing Machines). 

Crafty Life

There are over 10 years of creativity archived on this blog.   Start from the newest or dive into the archives






Pange in the Craftcore Studio

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Craftcore, a cozy craft blog written by me, Pange.

I’ve been sharing my favourite craft tips and tricks on Craftcore since 2012. I focus mostly on quilting, but I also love sewing in general, home decor and organization, and trying new things whenever I can.