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Project Inspiration

Get inspired by some of my latest makes!  I’ll share the details of projects I’ve been working lately.  

Vintage Sewing Machines

You’ll see vintage sewing machines heavily throughout this blog.  I have a growing collection of VSM (Vintage Sewing Machines). 

Crafty Life

There are over 10 years of creativity archived on this blog.   Start from the newest or dive into the archives






Pange in the Craftcore Studio

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Craftcore, a cozy craft blog written by me, Pange.

I’ve been sharing my favourite craft tips and tricks on Craftcore since 2012. I focus mostly on quilting, but I also love sewing in general, home decor and organization, and trying new things whenever I can.   


Topic: Sewing Machines

I collect sewing machines, mostly vintage Singer sewing machines.  I have a habit of rescuing supposedly non-working machines from the thrift shops, bringing them home, and bringing them back to life.  Here are their stories, along with threading tutorials and user guides.

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Topic: Sewing Accessories

When you collect vintage sewing machines, it’s natural that you start to amass a collection of sewing accessories too!  Here are some of the interesting ones in my collection, with tips and tricks on how to use them.  Which of these accessories do you have?

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Quilting: Sewing Tutorials

General sewing tips and techniques.  For quilting specifically, move on to the next category instead.

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Topic: Quilting Tutorials

From tutorials to techniques to full patterns, you’re bound to find something you’d love to make.

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Topic: Digital Tutorials

Crafting in the real world, crafting in the digital world!  The lines are blurring, so let’s make what we love in digital form.

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Topic: Kid Crafts

Most of these older articles are from when I worked as an early childhood education assistant.  Now I craft with my kids at home!

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Topic: Everything Else

There is so much to discuss!  This section contains everything that doesn’t quite fit under any other category. ✨

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Topic: Craft Room Tours

Crafting comes with stuff, and organizing it can be a challenge.  Here are how my craft room has evolved over the years.

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