For my son’s seventh birthday, he requested a Pokemon themed cake. I created this Pikachu cake using supplies I had at home, with no expensive pans required! I love to make cakes for my family and my son loved his cake.

If you’re a home baker looking to make a Pikachu cake, I’ll include details about my process of making this cake!

How I Made This Pikachu Cake Using Two Round Cake Pans

For this cake, I baked two round cakes. One cake I kept as a circle for Pikachu’s head. For the second circle, I cut out two ear shapes as pictured in the bottom left of the image below.

You can see that I used two edges of the round cake as the edge of his ear, then used a butter knife to cut out two petal-shaped wedges.

We were only having a small party so I only created a single layer cake, but if you were having more guests, you could create a double layer with three round cakes. I think you could strategically cut out two more ears from one round cake.

The supplies for this cake were very simple. I used boxed cake mix for the cake. For the icing, I used frosting in a can but I added powdered sugar to thicken the icing. To colour the icing, I used Wilton gel colouring. For the black icing, however, I used premade black icing that I bought too much of during my last cake,

When icing the cake, I piped the base first, then added the eyes and mouth details. Once I added the white icing for reflection of light in the eyes, I think the cake really started to have a good energy.

My son loved his Pikachu cake, and is already requesting Pokeball cupcakes for next year. I think that’s a great idea, and would be great for a kids birthday party.

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