I recently moved into a new home with my husband. We had an early December move, and it was a great feeling moving from our cramped apartment into a three bedroom bungalow.

In our apartment, we had a small room that served as our home office, my craftroom, held our general purpose storage unit. On top of that, it was also the cat litter area.  Needless to say, the space had a lot going on and wasn’t the most relaxing space to get your craft on.

Our bungalow has a small south-facing bedroom with lots of great light. The room was an empty slate, ready to make into my own crafting space:

Empty Slate

Of course, the space was a jumble of boxes after moving day wrapped up:

Moving Madness - Storm Before the Calm

Here is the completed craftroom. All of my quilting fabric is neatly lined up on my new bookshelves, and miscellaneous craft supplies are stored on the 9 cube storage organizer and freshly painted white desk.  I’ve kept most of the elements in a white or pink scheme, with splashes of other vibrant colours.

Craftroom Reveal 1

I’ve had this mannequin stored at my parents house for years. I’m so excited to have it back.  I’m planning on changing her outfit from time as the mood strikes, but for now the black and white polka dot dress is really pulling the room together. (Fun fact: my old Motorola Razr phone is inside a shadow box on the wall – it matches my desk so well and I really loved this classic cellphone.  Might as well have it on my wall instead of in a landfill!)

Craftroom Reveal 2

The closet area contains more cube-style organizers and currently sports a quickly made curtain to hide some of the mess when it’s not in use.  One of my future projects will be to reorganize the closet more efficiently, but for now, it does the trick.

Work in Progress Closet - Curtains

I love my new crafting area very much and feel inspired to get to work on more craft projects.

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