In a previous Craft Room Chaos column, I reviewed a commercial ribbon storage solution. Before obtaining this system, I had created my own makeshift storage that is an inexpensive alternative.

(Brace yourself for the terrible photo. I wasn’t expecting to be sharing it at the time it was taken!)

The concept is similar to the ribbon shelf’s dowel system. I purchased the cheapest curtain rod that I could find from Fabricland. This thin metallic rod set me back $3.99. It uses small, utilitarian wall brackets, which is the biggest problem with this rod. There was only about half an inch clearance between the rod and the wall, meaning that I could not put the curtain rod through the middle of my ribbon spools since they are much wider than a half inch.

My solution? I used two different techniques:

First, I had some leftover clip rings from my handmade curtains, so I actually clipped some of my lace ribbons by the spool to the bowl. (See far right of curtain rod in the photo)

Second, I actually removed the ribbon from their spools, folded it neatly, and clipped the ribbons to the curtain rod with laundry clothes pegs.

I loved being able to see all my ribbons at once. Ultimately, I stopped using this system after receiving the ribbon shelf as a gift. But while I had it in place, I was very happy with this curtain rod to organize my ever-growing ribbon stash.

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