Simply Built’s Craft Storage Collection includes a wall ribbon holder with two dowels for holding spools of ribbon. I’ve incorporated this ribbon organizer into my craft room with a few minor adaptations. Maybe you’d like it in your craft space too?

Because I live in a rental apartment, I wanted to avoid adding unnecessary holes to my walls. I placed this ribbon holder directly on top of my Closetmaid cubby shelf, rendering the bottom dowel unnecessary. It does look a little strange without a dowel there, but not so crazy that it bugs me.

Most ribbons fit nicely onto the dowels, but some of my ribbon spools’ holes were too small and could not fit over the decorative finial knob. I found a way around this by using drapery clip rings to clip my tiny ribbon spools indirectly to the rod:

I think that this ribbon organizer looks really cute, but it can be annoying to remove spools from the centre of the dowel since you need to remove all the spools in the way. It works well if you like to cut directly from the spool while still connected, but I often work on projects in the living room or a friend’s place. If this is a factor that affects you, you might need to try a different type of organizer.

If you are looking for bins that fit nicely on top of the ribbon organizer, three of the Closetmaid mini fabric drawers fit perfectly on the shelf. They are great for stashing miscellaneous supplies that you want out of sight but not out of reach.

Do you like having your ribbons on display, or do you prefer keeping them out of sight?

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