In my Pinterest adventures, I keep stumbling across beautiful nail art. I’m envious of the intricate designs that some nail artists are able to create, but the problem is…as much as I love the look of painted nails, one, I bite my nails so my nails are weak and uneven, and two, I have never painted my nails as an adult! Ack!

So, needless to say, this Pinterest adventure really took me out of my comfort zone. I’m a low-maintenance, no-makeup-not-even-lipgloss kind of gal.

I wanted to try my hand at nail art after seeing pins like the ones that you can find in my Hair and Fashion pin board. My favourite was a mint and coral design with little triangle tips.

Seeing as I’m such a newbie, I decided that doing a design on each tip was asking too much of my limited skills. I settled on a variation. I did a mint polish on each finger except the ring fingers, where I did a coral polish instead. On the thumbs only, I painted a triangle in coral.

First, I did a two coats of my two polish colours. All mint except for coral accent nails.
I used what I had lying around, so I actually used painter’s masking tape to mask off my triangles. I cut the tape down the centre to make skinny tape pieces. Make sure that the tape is flat against the nail with no gaps.
Next I painted the triangle area. First time around, I took the tape off before it dried, and it pulled the triangle’s polish up with it. Second try, waiting for it to dry, went much better.
My attempt it nail art was not so hot. The worst part was being unprepared. As a nail polish newbie, I didn’t realize how critical it would be to have nail polish remover at the time of painting to clean up the area around the cuticle.

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