Easter Egg Bath Bombs

With Easter around the corner, I’ve wanted to make easter egg shaped bath bombs. However, I didn’t want to buy specific bath bomb grade molds for this task. I used this bath bomb recipe that I posted on my blog earlier this month. I ended up going to the dollar store (specifically Dollarama) to pick up some inexpensive fillable eggs. Usually these are used to fill with treats or small toys for kids.

Dollarama had two options for these. First was the traditional eggs. The plastic is extremely thin and kind of flexible if you lightly press them with your fingers. These cost $1.25 for a pack.

Dollarama Fillable Egg Options

For the same price, they also had a similar sized set, but instead of being smooth they had a triangular texture, giving off a gemstone vibe. I was excited to buy these, thinking that the interior would be gemstone as well, but the inside was smooth. However the egg shell was much thicker and less flexible.

VIDEO: How to Make Easter Egg Bath Bombs

If you are wondering if you can use a dollar store set of eggs as a bath bomb mold, or maybe you already have some fillable eggs lying around from last year, I’d say give it a try! I had good luck with my set of eggs. Watch my short video above to see the end results!

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