DIY Bath Bomb Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to make bath bombs?  Let me show you how I made mine in my new bath bomb DIY tutorial video, using simple ingredients you might even having around your house.

For ingredients, you’ll need baking soda, corn starch, espom salt, citric acid, coconut oil, and water.  If you want, you can include mica powder for colour, and essential oils for a scent.  Whatever optional colours and fragrances you use, you’ll want to make sure that it’s safe for absorption into your body.

Watch the Bath Bomb DIY Tutorial

Ingredients for One Batch of Bath Bombs

I’ve included Amazon affiliate links for the rarer ingredients you may not have in your baking or craft supplies. I may earn a commission if you buy from my links, at no extra expense to you. Thank you for supporting my craft blog! It helps me buy more supplies for future tutorials.

Mixing Instructions

I’ve included the full instructions in my video that I embedded in this post above. But basically, you want to mix together the dry ingredients first, then mix together the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Slowly add the wet mix, a little at a time, to the dry mix. You don’t want to dump the whole thing in at once because the moisture will cause the mix the react right away. You want that reaction to happen when the bath bomb hits the bath water. 😉

More Bath Bomb Info

I’ve learned some tips and tricks in my bath bomb making journey so I’ve included those in the video, including why your mix is sticking to the mold, why the bath bomb is cracking, how to remove release the molds, etc.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with different recipes. I’d love to hear you what varieties you make!

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