I picked up the Singer 237, a gem of a basic sewing machine, while travelling to pick up my Singer Featherweight machine for my wedding anniversary.  While shopping for the Featherweight, I found this machine with its dirty case looking sad and lonely.  It was labeled with a sticker that simply said “not working, $9.99.”  I had a 30% off coupon so I figured I would take a chance on this machine and take it home with me; if worse came to worst, I could always donate it back to another thrift store locally to give someone else a shot.
Sewing Machine Showcase: Singer 237 Vintage Sewing Machine Review

When I plugged in the machine, it actually did work but the tension was off.  After making some minor adjustments and giving it the spa treatment (and by that I mean a full oiling), it was back in ship-shape condition.

I learned from Jim and Elizabeth that there were actually two variations of the Singer 237.  The elder variation, which is the one that I have, unfortunately does not have the ability to drop the feed dogs unlike the newer one.  The newer variation is called the Fashion Mate and is, in my opinion, stylistically more pleasing to the eye.

Sewing Machine Showcase: Singer 237 Vintage Sewing Machine Review

The version that I have here has zigzag capability with the option of moving the needle to the left, right, or centre positions.

The machine remained in my collection for about half a year, but I recently sold the machine to make room for others since I have other machines that I prefer more that have the same capabilities.  Before selling, I made a quick video showing its smooth stitching on a sample quilt sandwich that you can check out below if you’re interested!

Singer 237 Video Demonstration

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