I previously posted about my misadventures in cake pop making; my previous attempt at making cake pops were a failure, and was not a great start for my 30 before 30 series.  Oh boy.

My friend Danielle came to my rescue so I can officially check this tricky cake pop task off the to do list. (Thanks Danielle!)

This time, the results were much better!  Take a look at this tray of cute cake pops.  We used a variety of coatings (milk chocolate, white chocolate, and Greek yogurt) and sprinkles for variety.

Craftcore Cake Pops
We had traditional multicolour sprinkles, pink jimmies, blue sugar sprinkles, and purple, green, and orange sprinkles. The blue sugar sprinkles on either of the Greek yogurt or white chocolate basis would be great for a Frozen themed party. They suit Elsa !
Halloween sprinkles in "monster" colours make cape pops festive.
Halloween sprinkles in “monster” colours make cape pops festive for the Halloween season.

Cake pop success! Here are some things I learned in the process:

  • My original cake pops were way too big.  The bigger they are, the more weight has to be supported by the stick.  We made the new round of cake pops approximately 1 inch round.  This also had the added benefit of being able to create so many more cake pops.
  • My frugal attempt to save money by using dollar store stir sticks backfired.  The sticks were flat and fell out of the cake pops easily.  We used sticks designed for dessert making from Bulk Barn and they worked much better.
  • Our first two cake pops crumbled apart despite their smaller size; despite using more icing, they weren’t sticking together enough.  To fix this, we put them into the freezer, played a round or two of Catan, then returned cake pop making.

    Cake Pop Progression. Third time's a charm, and from that point forward, everything turned out awesome.
    Cake Pop Progression. Third time’s a charm, and from that point forward, everything turned out awesome.
  • My original dipping technique was too rough on the poor cake pops.  Basically, in my first attempt, I put the cake pops on the sticks, then dipped them into melted chocolate, then dipped that into sprinkles.  More than 50% of the time, this resulted in the cake pop falling off like so many failed fondue dips.  Danielle showed me her technique, which involved first dipping the stick into the melted chocolate then sticking that into the cake pop.  Then, we placed the ball into the melted chocolate and used a spoon to gently coat the rest of the cake ball. We pinched the sprinkles on top after putting the dipped cake pops into a tray.  No casualties! Phew!

Craftcore Cake Pops

I wish I had taken more photos of the completed cake pops, but they turned out adorable.  We were having a gaming night and we definitely enjoyed the cake pops!

Craftcore Cake Pops

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