Fabric printsToday I will be sharing the quilt that has been on my bed for the past year or so.  I’m a bit obsessed with green, brown and pink fabric.  I’m not sure how I managed to gather so many prints in this colour scheme without specifically planning to, but it happened, so this is one of many in this colour scheme.  The prints were collected over years at local shops, from my travels to the US, and from online shopping. There are polka dots, argyles, florals, cherries, mushrooms, ditsy dots.  There’s a lot going on over here!

The finished quilt measures 75″x78″.  I cut the rectangles out at 6″x4″ and arranged them randomly into rows then assembled offsetting the seams.   After piecing the top and sandwiching the layers of top, backing, and batting, I cut off all the extra half-rectangles along the edge and kept the scraps.

Modern Brick Quilt in greens, pinks, and browns

I quilted along the horizontal lines, a quarter inch away from the seam on both sides.

Brick Quilt Pattern | Craftcore

I didn’t have enough fabric to do the entire binding in one print nor the backing in one print.  I was determined to not purchase any additional fabrics and use my fabric stash entirely.  I alternated between two green prints around the perimeter (an argyle and a polka dot) for the binding, joining the pieces on the diameter to reduce the bulk.

I had a lot of green on white polka dot, but not quite enough for the back.  I pieced together some different coordinating prints in order to make up the full 75″x78″ backing.

Pieced backing

Both Yoyo (above) and Paprika (below) are getting lots of use of this quilt!

Cats and Quilts: They Go Together

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