This project that I’m sharing with you is one of my early quilting projects from when I was just beginning to get comfortable with the process of layering batting.  I didn’t follow a pattern; instead, I simply created a repeating pattern of rectangular bricks.

I was a big fan of offset bricks when I started quilting, especially ones further divided by sashing, because this type of layout makes it so that you don’t have the line up corners perfectly.  Imperfections in piecing are easily hidden.

neutral print backing

I had two prints in my collection that featured a blue-jean shade of blue.  The golden-yellow, red, and white flowers with the green accents were the inspiration to bring all the similarly hued prints into the mix with the blue.

Apple Quilt

The quilting style is as simple as the layout; stitch in the ditch following the lines of the sashing and the blocks.  Don’t look too closely at the binding because I hadn’t figured out how to do the mitered corners at this stage of my quilting.

apple fabric closeup
I love this apple print that features apple seeds.
floral binding
The binding is pale yellow with orange, red, and brown flowers.

I didn’t create this quilt with a particular person in mind, though I do think it would make a darling teacher’s gift one day.

basket of apple quilt

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