Fiskars squeeze punches are amazing. But as my collection grew, it was annoying to rummage through boxes to find the punch I wanted. Since each punch is labelled on the side, I wanted a system that would allow me to keep them upright. The solution? Inexpensive remote control caddies from the dollar store!

These wicker remote control caddies are available at Canadian Dollarama stores ($2 each) in black, brown, and beige. They are the perfect size to hold the extra large punches. I like to put my XL punches in the back row with the corresponding mini version in front. The wicker baskets actually look quite charming sitting on the desk and they match my other decor.

It’s also possible to hook one of the handles onto the side of the caddy to fit more punches.

I have these placed on my desk in a row, but I envision these being attached to the wall somehow, whether by shelving or by simple finishing nails. I’m always excited about using products for unintended purposes.

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