Toddlers love things that go and they also love to make messes. That’s why rolling toy cars through paint on a piece of paper is such a great art activity for young children.

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper
  • washable paint
  • paint brush or tray
  • a few different toy cars that you don’t mind getting messy
  1. Using a paintbrush, dab a few dots of paint randomly on the paper, or pour some paint on the tray and roll a toy car through the paint to coat the wheels.
  2. Allow the child to “drive” their car through the paint, creating trails all over their paper.
  3. Reapply paint as necessary.
  4. Trade up the toy cars from time to time. Different car treads will create different textures.

Make sure to have additional pieces of paper available. Every young child I’ve done this activity asks for more paint and paper!

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