Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide

Magnetic seam guides are super handy tool for keeping your fabric aligned to help make perfectly straight seams.

Typically, sewing patterns mention a seam allowance that should be used for the project. Quilting patterns often use a quarter inch seam allowance while fashion projects often use three eights of an inch or maybe half an inch. Lining up these standard seam allowances with a custom sewing machine foot or the lines on the sewing machine make it fairly easy to get a consistent seam. However, if it’s a non-standard seam allowance, it may be more difficult to keep your seams straight and perfect.

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Enter the Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide! I’ve had this tool in my sewing box for more than a decade and I reach for it when I need a little support to achieve a perfect seam.

It’s super easy to use: just take the magnet and place it on the needle plate of your sewing machine, just to the right of the desired seam allowance. The magnet is super strong so it stays sturdy on the needle plate. When you feed your fabric under the needle, you can butt the fabric against the metal guide to help keep your fabric straight.

Something to note: when using this tool, you still need to pay attention. It’s still possible for your fabric to creep up and curl against the guide. However, with your careful gudiance, this tool will keep you straight and narrow!

If your sewing machine’s bed is metal, you can even use it it make ultra wide seams!

Watch my video to see this tool in action. I think it’s something you should definitely add to your sewing arsenal! View the Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide on Amazon.

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