Earlier this week, I posted a video on the Craftcore YouTube channel demonstrating how easy it is to make cut-and-sew projects from fat quarters purchased from Spoonflower. So fast! So easy!
You can order the cut & sew fabric that I used for this project from Julien & Emily on Spoonflower – the specific design is Red Fox but there are many great designs to choose from in their shop.

When you order one of the Pillow Pals project fat quarters, the fabric features the pieces you’ll need to make one pillow pal, plus a few mini pals too. Watch how easy it is to put together a cut-and-sew project in the video below:

For more designs by this talented duo, you can check out their work on Instagram, Facebook and of course Spoonflower. Don’t forget to upload a photo of your creation on Instagram using the hashtag #pillowpalsproject!

What is Spoonflower.com? It’s an awesome print-on-demand fabric supplier! You can order designs by talented people and upload your own designs for both personal use and to sell to others. My personal shop is called Pange. I also have a tutorial here on Craftcore to teach you how to create a repeating pattern for Spoonflower if you’re into drawing and digital illustration.

Special thanks to Emily for sending me the fabric to use for this video.

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