Although I love mixing and matching scrapbook paper from different designers and brands, from time to time it feels nice to buy a coordinating set of papers that you know will work together no matter what. Sometimes, the packaging itself contains design elements that are nice. You can sometimes conserve paper by using the packaging as well as the product itself like I did in this simple layout below.  Take note of the triangles behind the top image:

Petsitting Mickey the Himayalan

This particular Kurio brand paper collection contained a packaging element where it showed each of the papers contained in the pack in layered triangles. These triangles were set against a neutral backround, and the layered triangles blended in well with the page.

Kurio Packaging

Remove Branding I used a paper cutter to slice off the Kurio branding, then layered this strip on top of a coordinating sheet of paper.

These are photos of my friend’s cat Mickey who I babysat while she went on vacation.  Isn’t she a fluffy sweetheart?

I mounted all the photos on the same patterned paper, then layered those onto the layout.

Remember: the root word of scrapbooking is scrap!  Don’t discard little bits of paper if you can incorporate them into the design of a scrapbook layout.  Reduce waste and enjoy the results.

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