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    Paper Roses – Wedding Edition

    Wedding bells are ringing!  On June 6, 2014, my husband and I got married in a perfect little ceremony just south of Niagara Falls.  If you are an Ontario bride-to-be, be sure check out our amazing venue, Elope Niagara – recommend 100% if you want a stress-free wedding with gorgeous photography included!  The first two photos featured here are professional photos. One of my favourite elements of our wedding was the DIY flowers provided by my close friend and Craftcore guest blogger, Michelle Beausejour.  She made me custom paper roses, hand dyed in shades of blue and beige.  The stem was bound with twine for a rustic look.  The paper…

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    Cupcake Liner Pom Pom Centrepieces Revisited

    A while back, I wrote a tutorial on how to make cupcake liner centrepieces.  I loved the look of them, but as they sat on my kitchen table among my other wedding prototypes, I noticed a fatal flaw: the finishing nails, due to the small size of the head, are not all that secure.  For longevity, this is an issue: I found that some of the liners started to fall off, while the nail stayed in the ball. It was time for Cupcake Liner Pom Pom 2.0: Thumbtack Edition! Supplies You’ll Need Styrofoam Balls (I used 3″) Flat Shiny Thumbtacks (Cheapest ones in silver I could find were at Walmart)…

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    Cupcake Liner Pom Pom Centerpieces

    I’ve always had a thing for cupcakes. There’s something innately cute about individually sized cakes with their often patterned paper liners and cute toppings. I originally found a tutorial for cupcake liner pom poms on Pinterest, sadly uncredited to its original source, but I tracked it down to Kara. Kara’s Party Shop blog features a tutorial for a beautiful table decoration: pom pom centerpieces! They are airy, soft and elegant, plus they have the added benefit of being inexpensive to make in comparison to buying flowers – artificial or otherwise. I didn’t have the supplies on hand, so this article shows my prototype cupcake liner ball and how I made…

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    How to Make a Cardstock Envelope

    I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect envelope template to make cardstock envelopes for my wedding, but I hadn’t been able to find the perfect shape. While adventuring on Pinterest, I discovered the Craftastic Envelope DIY project by Never Homemaker. This blog inspired me to look at the envelopes from cards I’ve received and use them as a template to recreate their adorable shapes. I made my envelope in a moss green solid cardstock, but I can’t wait to make this envelope shape on a patterned cardstock for optimum sweetness!

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    Simple Appetizer Labels

    These appetizer labels are easy to make and help your house guests identify foods suitable for their dietary restrictions. What you need: card stock fancy-edged scissors regular scissors permanent marker tooth pick tape Cut out as many rectangles as you need in whatever size you’d like. (Awfully specific, ain’t I?) Using fancy-edged scissors, cut a design on the paper edges. Write your label text on with the marker using your best penmanship, or just scrawl it on like I did as pictured for a homemade touch. Put a little dot of marker in each corner to make it look fancy with little effort. Yay! With a small piece of tape, tape the tooth…

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    Stamp-Shaped Thank You Tags

    For a housewarming party, my friend wanted to create a special dessert as a thank you favour for each guest. She asked me to create little tags for each dessert. This tutorial will show you how to create your own thank you tags from scratch using Photoshop. This tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of Photoshop. What you will need: Computer with Photoshop or equivalent software Printer and ink Plain cardstock paper, white or light-coloured (8.5×11 or 12×12, depending on what size your printer prints). Paper cutter or scissors Fiskars Square-A-Licious squeeze punch, 1.5″ size Creating a Printable Sheet of Your Tag’s Design using Photoshop Open Photoshop and create…