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    Section View Launched

    Here are Craftcore, we are trying to make the site as easy to browse as possible. While we were dividing up the content into sub categories like tutorials, inspiration, reviews, and before & after, all the home decor articles were lumped together with food articles, and there was no easy way to refine the results. Take a peek at Section view! It’s now nestled between “Articles” and “Columns” in the main navigation menu. It lists the main core sections of Craftcore: Home, Food, Fashion, Paper Craft, Kids, and Community. We have categorized all previously submitted articles into one of these new sections. Make sure when you submit new articles that…

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    Fiona from BuxtonBears

    1. Let us know a bit about you BuxtonBears was inspired in 2004 from a trip to the UK to visit my Grandmother. She taught me the fine art of making a Teddy Bear, and later on, the Elephants and Birds. It’s taken a number of years to get to where I am now, but it was well worth it. Last summer, I decided to bring BuxtonBears; the idea, into the reality of a website, which is going through a major overhaul at the moment, and to make it more user friendly. Building a business, whether it is part time or full time, can still take time, and mine is…

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    Apply For Puces POP Fall 2012 Fair!

    VENDOR APPLICATION FOR PUCES POP (FESTIVAL EDITION) MISE EN CANDIDATURE – PUCES POP (ÉDITION AUTOMNALE) It’s time to get crafting! Applications are now open for the fall edition of Puces POP Craft & DIY Fair, taking place during POP Montreal on Sept 22-23 at St-Michel Church in Mile End. Apply online now! Deadline is Friday, August, 17th. Puces POP is Montreal’s biggest and best-loved marketplace for handmade art, craft, and design, featuring the work of over 100 artists from Montreal and beyond. Don’t miss the fun! Sortez coffres à outils et machines à coudre! L’appel de candidatures est officiellement ouvert pour l’édition automnale de la Foire d’artisanat Puces POP, qui…

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    Keeping Track of Inventory for Your Online Etsy Shop

    I love selling items on Etsy both for fun and for a little extra cash. My supply shop, Pange Supplies, which primarily consists of small-scale items that can be hard to keep track of, requires a dedicated space in my craft room so that I don’t lose the items amongst my personal craft supplies. I sell my scrapbooking scraps in small zip baggies, and to keep myself organized, I use four plastic bins with snap lids to indicate what stage of progress the item is in. The boxes pictured are Sterlite snap boxes; their small-sized boxes fit wonderfully inside the Closetmaid Cubeicals system. To Be Packaged: I throw all my…

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    Emilie from Chic & Tonic / Orange & Coco

      1. Let us know a bit about yourself I come from a small town in the north of Québec called Alma. Having spent a few years in metropolitan Montréal, where I studied fashion and marketing, and worked in the fashion industry, here I am back in my native town with my husband and two children. We love our regional setting, with its snow-covered landscapes in winter and fabulous sunny days on the beach in summer. My return marked by a new professional challenge: helping companies develop international markets. For three years I worked as a coordinator and as a general manager for a commercial organisation. But for as long…

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    Dmytro and Iuliia from DreamPapercut

    1. Let us know a bit about yourself Our names are Dmytro and Iuliia and we live in Ukraine. We are fond of different kinds of sports, like traveling and trying to dabble in painting. This year we have graduated from the economic university and now dedicate all our time and energy to grow in paper cutting and refine our shop. Our story begins from childhood, while children we took part in creative classes such as painting, drawing and paper craft. Growing up and studying at university we didn’t pay proper attention to creativity, but it has always lived in our hearts. 2. What do you make? Our craft is…

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    Tiny Glass Jars for Tiny Little Things

    I used to keep my odds and ends of craft bits in a few small boxes, mix-mashed together. You know how stuff accumulates: little bits of leftover ribbon, spare scrapbook album posts, metal brads, paper clips. the list goes on. By using tiny glass jars, you can subdivide small boxes into smaller units which allows you to sort your small notions by type. These jars measure about 1.5″ wide by 1.75″ high, but I’m sure you can find jars in many different sizes and shapes to suit your organizational needs. I’ve never purchased any tiny glass jars, but I’ve collected over twenty of them over time. You may even have…

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    Organizating Fiskars Squeeze Punches

    Fiskars squeeze punches are amazing. But as my collection grew, it was annoying to rummage through boxes to find the punch I wanted. Since each punch is labelled on the side, I wanted a system that would allow me to keep them upright. The solution? Inexpensive remote control caddies from the dollar store! These wicker remote control caddies are available at Canadian Dollarama stores ($2 each) in black, brown, and beige. They are the perfect size to hold the extra large punches. I like to put my XL punches in the back row with the corresponding mini version in front. The wicker baskets actually look quite charming sitting on the…

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    Re-growing Green Onions

    I’ve come across this re-growing pin multiple times since joining Pinterest and one of the biggest questions I get is “how can it simply re-grow?” and “does it taste any different?” Not so long ago I decided to take on this pin and here is what I’ve found and how to re-grow your own. So as the pin says when you cut the ends off your green onions do not simply throw them away but bunch them and put them in a glass with shallow water. Well I don’t really have pictures of when I first cut them and bundled them in a cup. I did put them beside my…

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    All Aboard!

    Welcome to Craftcore! I hope you enjoy your stay here; get comfortable and discover helpful articles created by members of the Craftcore community. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Angela (@pange). I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t crafting something or other. I love to learn how to make new things from talented people, and I’ve designed Craftcore as a hub for people to join buy prednisone online from Mexico together, share their skills, and inspire each other. I hope that you will consider joining this community so we can grow and learn together. If you discover any bugs or have any suggestions on how Craftcore can…

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    Crafty Q&A

    Welcome to Crafty Q&A! This is a column by Angela Welsh that will run weekly, publishing on Sundays as long as there are ample questions from the community to answer. I answer questions, big and small, each week. If I don’t know the answer, I will do what I can to find out for you!

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    Building the Core

    Welcome to Craftcore. If you’ve found your way here, I’m assuming that you were given a link for a super-special sneak peek of the site while it’s under construction. Watch your step; there are a lot of loose ends to tie up, but that won’t be a problem for our team of crafty creators, right? Right?! Soon to come: customized user profiles, membership directory, writing application form, and articles. Basically, everything is still on its way, so please don’t judge us too quickly. We have a lot to share with you, and we want to learn from you too. Have fun exploring Craftcore!