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    Avoiding Pinterest Paralysis

    Not Every Idea is a Good Idea There are a lot of good ideas on Pinterest. There are also a lot of ideas that should either be left to the experts or that are altogether misleading. Sometimes the source material is not trustworthy, or sometimes someone has created a new description for a pin that is inaccurate or not representative of the content behind the link. Before pinning, check out the source website and read the comments on the original article to see if others have had issues replicating the project. Turn It Off Sometimes, it’s hard to stop. With Pinterest automatically loading more pins when you reach the bottom,…

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    Cupcake Liner Pom Pom Centerpieces

    I’ve always had a thing for cupcakes. There’s something innately cute about individually sized cakes with their often patterned paper liners and cute toppings. I originally found a tutorial for cupcake liner pom poms on Pinterest, sadly uncredited to its original source, but I tracked it down to Kara. Kara’s Party Shop blog features a tutorial for a beautiful table decoration: pom pom centerpieces! They are airy, soft and elegant, plus they have the added benefit of being inexpensive to make in comparison to buying flowers – artificial or otherwise. I didn’t have the supplies on hand, so this article shows my prototype cupcake liner ball and how I made…

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    How to Make a Cardstock Envelope

    I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect envelope template to make cardstock envelopes for my wedding, but I hadn’t been able to find the perfect shape. While adventuring on Pinterest, I discovered the Craftastic Envelope DIY project by Never Homemaker. This blog inspired me to look at the envelopes from cards I’ve received and use them as a template to recreate their adorable shapes. I made my envelope in a moss green solid cardstock, but I can’t wait to make this envelope shape on a patterned cardstock for optimum sweetness!

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    Mint and Coral Taped-Triangle Nail Art

    In my Pinterest adventures, I keep stumbling across beautiful nail art. I’m envious of the intricate designs that some nail artists are able to create, but the problem is…as much as I love the look of painted nails, one, I bite my nails so my nails are weak and uneven, and two, I have never painted my nails as an adult! Ack! So, needless to say, this Pinterest adventure really took me out of my comfort zone. I’m a low-maintenance, no-makeup-not-even-lipgloss kind of gal. I wanted to try my hand at nail art after seeing pins like the ones that you can find in my Hair and Fashion pin board.…

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    Cheeseburger Macaroni

    This week’s Pinterest adventure is about pure comfort food: cheeseburger macaroni. I repinned this recipe from my friend Lea (who you should follow on Pinterest, by the way), and we made this together one night at her place to start off a long night of crafting. This recipe comes from Kevin & Amanda‘s yummy-looking food blog. (I just love the comments peppered through the recipes. So cute.) The common ingredients means there’s little chance that you’ll have to run to the store for an elusive ingredient. Yay! All you need is hamburger meat, taco seasoning, diced tomatoes, beef broth, elbow macaroni, and salt and pepper to taste for the base.…

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    3D Canvas Art with Paint

    I’ve seen this Pinterest pin floating around a bit. How it goes is to use either Elmer’s glue or hot glue on a canvas and then simply paint over the whole thing in one colour. So I’ve tried it out and my first attempt with Elmer’s glue was unsuccessful, basically it does not really work as the glue tends to run and flatten while drying. I then went to take two in which I attempted the same process with hot glue, you’ll see below the results of this. However, I would suggest using a larger canvas than what I used. Simply because it is hard to control the consistancy of…

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    Dry Erase Weekly Calendar

    I’ve seen several dry erase calendars pop up on Pinterest that use glass frames as a dry erase surface instead of using a store-bought dry erase board. I salvaged two 8×10 frames that were headed for the trash at my work during renovations to make this easy, 30-minutes-or-less project. The original pin that inspired me came from Maple and Magnolia. Although that calendar is a full calendar and is made with paint chips, not scrapbook paper, the concept is the same: by sliding a calendar template beneath a sheet of glass, you can write your numbers and daily info and erase it easily when the time comes. Too fun! Let’s…

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    DIY Shoe Hangers

    I always have a hard time organizing shoes so when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest I had to try it out. This originally comes from OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES blog  What you’ll need is a hanger, wire cutters, and plyers. The rest is pretty order tramadol online now simple, simply follow the pictures.         And thats it! Super easy and will be a nice storage for my shoes when winter comes. Here is the finished hanger (I realized I hung my shoes opposite after I posted this haha):  

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    Tinted Mason Jars with Food Colouring and Mod Podge

    Whenever I get glass jars that have any interesting shapes or indentations, I save them for projects like this: Tinted Mason Jars. With a little Mod Podge and food colouring, you can turn an ordinary object into something special. I found this project via Pinterest on the Momtastic Canada blog. Supplies: glass jas Mod Podge (gloss) food colouring oven baking tray and parchment paper I used what I had in the supply closet, so I substituted matte Mod Podge, but I found the results quite nice nonetheless. Basically, you have to mix food colouring and Mod Podge and coat the inside of a glass jar. After letting the paint drip…

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    Easy To Make Lyric Wall Art

    Here’s a great idea for someone who wants original wall art but is not too comfortable picking up a paintbrush. Well in this project you will need to pick up a paintbrush but not have to worry too much about technique. I’ve seen this popular pin a few times and wanted to try it out for myself.   What you’ll need:   Canvas Acrylic paints Paint brush Alphabet stickers A favorite phrase or song lyric in mind           1. Choose your paints. Make sure you have multiple colours or a set colour scheme or you can even free style it. Basically go abstract on the canvas…

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    Perfect Ribbon Bows by Using a Fork

    Fork bows are genius! By using a fork as a guide, you can make perfect bows every time. I had never been able to create a bow without the loops being cockeyed or just plain crumpled. I avoided making bows for a long time. Check out Craftcore’s Pins We Have Tried pin board for a full list of the techniques we have tested out while writing Ange and Mish’s Pinterest Adventures. This pin comes from the blog Eskimimi Makes. I followed her tutorial purely from the step-by-step image that has been repinned multiple times on Pinterest. How sweet! I used a ribbon with a print on one side, solid colour…

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    Re-growing Green Onions

    I’ve come across this re-growing pin multiple times since joining Pinterest and one of the biggest questions I get is “how can it simply re-grow?” and “does it taste any different?” Not so long ago I decided to take on this pin and here is what I’ve found and how to re-grow your own. So as the pin says when you cut the ends off your green onions do not simply throw them away but bunch them and put them in a glass with shallow water. Well I don’t really have pictures of when I first cut them and bundled them in a cup. I did put them beside my…