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    Meet the Craftcore Cats

    If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that I share photos of my cats getting all up in my crafty business.  Regardless of whether they are resting on top of my ironing board, draping themselves over my quilting fabrics, or standing right in front of my computer monitor while I’m trying to type up a tutorial for Craftcore, these cute kitties are impossible to ignore.  I would love to formally introduce you to my my clowder: I’m bursting at the seams (har-har) with cats, with 5 total in my furry family. I get asked from time to time to share a little about such-and-such a cat, so I put together this little guide…

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    How do you store your work-in-progress sewing projects?

    Question: how do you store your work-in-progress sewing projects (WIPs)? I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I sometimes take on more projects than I should at the same time.  I often have many sewing projects on the go, working on them in short bursts when my whim hits.  Sometimes I want to quilt!  Sometimes I want to sew clothes!  Sometimes I want to just cut into the fabrics and sew another time – that’s fine too!  This leads me to have quite a few projects on the go in various stages of completion. I try to keep my work in progress pile contained to a single box, lest things…

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    Crafty Q&A

    Welcome to Crafty Q&A! This is a column by Angela Welsh that will run weekly, publishing on Sundays as long as there are ample questions from the community to answer. I answer questions, big and small, each week. If I don’t know the answer, I will do what I can to find out for you!