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    Pillow Pals Spoonflower Cut & Sew Project Sewing Demonstration

    Earlier this week, I posted a video on the Craftcore YouTube channel demonstrating how easy it is to make cut-and-sew projects from fat quarters purchased from Spoonflower. So fast! So easy! You can order the cut & sew fabric that I used for this project from Julien & Emily on Spoonflower – the specific design is Red Fox but there are many great designs to choose from in their shop. When you order one of the Pillow Pals project fat quarters, the fabric features the pieces you’ll need to make one pillow pal, plus a few mini pals too. Watch how easy it is to put together a cut-and-sew project in…

  • How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Feet
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    How to Identify Simanco Singer Sewing Machine Feet

    So you’ve just picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift store, and you’re lucky enough to have all or some of the original attachments that came with the machine. But wait. What are all these things? If you are a new sewer, some of these won’t be familiar. How can you determine what they are? If the machine is Singer and if the attachments are authentic, they will have a Simanco part number on them. How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Attachments Video: After you find the number, visit the Accessory Part Numbers page on the Singer Sewing Info site. Match up the Simanco number from your…

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    White 642 Domestic Sewing Machine Demonstration and Review

    Today I’m going to show you a demonstration of the White Model 642 Sewing Machine.  I picked this up from a thrift store a few years ago.  The dials on this machine operate a little differently than I was used to, so I thought I would share the settings I used to achieve different stitches in case you were having similar problems. Watch the video below for the full demonstration.  I go over the parts of the White 642 sewing machine, how to thread the machine, and the settings I use for each pattern.  I also show you the variation of stitches you can achieve purely by adjusting the stitch length…

  • Singer Tiny Serger - TS-380 Plus
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    Singer Tiny Serger TS-380 Plus Video Demonstration

    I spotted this Singer Tiny Serger in the display window of my local Value Village thrift store. It was tagged at what I feel was an unrealistic price for this plastic machine, $129.99. I watched the machine as it slowly came down in price over a few months, and I eventually scored it for just $29.99.  Good things come to those who wait! Singer Tiny Serger TS-380 Plus Video Review My Notes About the Tiny Serger The Tiny Serger works for what it is, but if you are doing a serious amount of sewing, I would recommend skipping this and purchasing a full-size serger. Why, you ask? The machine is…

  • How to Sew a Heart Mug Rug - Tutorial by Craftcore
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    How to Sew a Heart Mug Rug Quilting Tutorial

    In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to make this super cute heart mug rug. I’ve made mine in red, white and pinks, giving off a major Valentine’s Day vibe, but you could easily swap up the colours for a totally different look all year round. You can watch my video tutorial or read the transcript below.  I’ve included a few photos for reference but the main tutorial is on the video portion of this posting. How to Sew a Heart Mug Rug – Video Tutorial: This is a great project to use up fabric scraps. You’ll need three fabric prints in total: one dark for the background and…

  • How to Make a 3D Folded Frame Embellishment Greeting Card Tutorial
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    VIDEO: How to Make a 3D Folded Frame Embellishment Greeting Card Tutorial

    Today I’m going to show you how to make this really simple embellishment frame out of folded card stock. It looks great on the front of a card, but you could apply this to other scrapbook projects for a three dimensional element. It really makes your focal sticker POP with minimal effort! This video features a Christmas card as an example, but you could do something similar for any holiday or event. Are you ready to get started?

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    VIDEO: How to Make an Origami Box Out of Scrapbook Paper

    These boxes are awesome! I’ve been making them for years to organize my craft room and to store gifts for friends. They are cost-effective too, only using two sheets of 12″ by 12″ scrapbook paper to make. You can, of course, use smaller or larger paper, just note that you’ll want to cut the same 1/4″ strips off the sides of your paper regardless of what size sheets you start with. Would you prefer step-by-step written instructions? You can find those instructions in my original post: How to Make an Origami Box Out of Scrapbook Paper. With the wide variety of scrapbook papers available on the market, the sky is…

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    VIDEO: Craft Room Tour

    In 2015, I posted a craft room reveal on my blog. My craft room lived in the smallest room of the house.  I loved the layout of the room, but I wanted to have more room to grow.  By 2016, I had a knitting machine and a desire to use more of my sewing machine collection more easily.  The room was just too small for the equipment I had in there.  I also wanted to move my office (basically just my computer and printer) from the dreary basement into my craft room too. Welcome to my new craft room!  I had a spare bedroom in my house so I converted the…

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    Sewing Machine Showcase – Singer 237

    I picked up the Singer 237, a gem of a basic sewing machine, while travelling to pick up my Singer Featherweight machine for my wedding anniversary.  While shopping for the Featherweight, I found this machine with its dirty case looking sad and lonely.  It was labeled with a sticker that simply said “not working, $9.99.”  I had a 30% off coupon so I figured I would take a chance on this machine and take it home with me; if worse came to worst, I could always donate it back to another thrift store locally to give someone else a shot. When I plugged in the machine, it actually did work but the tension was…

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    VIDEO: How to Make a Repeating Pattern for Spoonflower

    This video tutorial will teach you how to create a seamless repeating pattern with Photoshop, using a scanned doodle as a base for your creation.  You can then use this repeating pattern to create custom fabric using a fabric site like Spoonflower.  Other ideas of how you could use your repeating pattern include using it as desktop wallpaper or printing it out on card stock as custom scrapbooking paper.  So many possibilities! If you’d prefer to read written instructions rather than watch a video, view the original article How to Make a Repeating Pattern for Spoonflower. This is the first of many videos I’ll be creating for my new YouTube channel for my…

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    Perfect Ribbon Bows by Using a Fork

    Fork bows are genius! By using a fork as a guide, you can make perfect bows every time. I had never been able to create a bow without the loops being cockeyed or just plain crumpled. I avoided making bows for a long time. Check out Craftcore’s Pins We Have Tried pin board for a full list of the techniques we have tested out while writing Ange and Mish’s Pinterest Adventures. This pin comes from the blog Eskimimi Makes. I followed her tutorial purely from the step-by-step image that has been repinned multiple times on Pinterest. How sweet! I used a ribbon with a print on one side, solid colour…