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    Make the Most of Your Scrapbook Paper Sets

    Although I love mixing and matching scrapbook paper from different designers and brands, from time to time it feels nice to buy a coordinating set of papers that you know will work together no matter what. Sometimes, the packaging itself contains design elements that are nice. You can sometimes conserve paper by using the packaging as well as the product itself like I did in this simple layout below.  Take note of the triangles behind the top image: This particular Kurio brand paper collection contained a packaging element where it showed each of the papers contained in the pack in layered triangles. These triangles were set against a neutral order…

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    Cupcake Liner Pom Pom Centerpieces

    I’ve always had a thing for cupcakes. There’s something innately cute about individually sized cakes with their often patterned paper liners and cute toppings. I originally found a tutorial for cupcake liner pom poms on Pinterest, sadly uncredited to its original source, but I tracked it down to Kara. Kara’s Party Shop blog features a tutorial for a beautiful table decoration: pom pom centerpieces! They are airy, soft and elegant, plus they have the added benefit of being inexpensive to make in comparison to buying flowers – artificial or otherwise. I didn’t have the supplies on hand, so this article shows my prototype cupcake liner ball and how I made…

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    How to Make a Cardstock Envelope

    I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect envelope template to make cardstock envelopes for my wedding, but I hadn’t been able to find the perfect shape. While adventuring on Pinterest, I discovered the Craftastic Envelope DIY project by Never Homemaker. This blog inspired me to look at the envelopes from cards I’ve received and use them as a template to recreate their adorable shapes. I made my envelope in a moss green solid cardstock, but I can’t wait to make this envelope shape on a patterned cardstock for optimum sweetness!

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    ABC booklet annivesary gift

    It was my 5th year anniversary not so long ago with my boyfriend and I wanted to come up with a thoughtful gift that would be budget friendly and more meaningful than your average “hallmark” gift. I thought up of this booklet after seeing some abc cutouts for kids.   What you’ll need: ABC banners printed on cardstock Hole punch Binder rings Markers and pens           1. First I printed an alphabet banner I found on another crafting blog here: Using a hole punch I punched holes on the top ends where I’ll attach the binder clips and also made a back and cover from…

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    Book Page Silhouettes

    I think most elementary classrooms have done silhouette crafts. Sitting infront of the projector having the teacher trace your silhouette to decorate as you please. Here I’ve taken this classic crafting staple and have given it a elegant twist.   What you’ll need: Profile shots of your subjects (I’ve printed and cut mine on regular printer paper). Don’t be afraid to get the pets involved! Scissors Cardstock Book pages pencil Stick glue 1. Trace your silhouettes onto the book pages     2. Cut out all silhouettes and arrange on cardstock   3. Glue into place and press using a large book until dry. Once dry your silhouettes will be…

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    Paper Roses

    I love working with scrap paper or old books and giving them new life. I’ve seen a few paper flower tutorials around have combine a few things I’ve seen in them to bring you my version. What you’ll need: Scrap paper (here I’m using some scrap book pages from “The Secret Garden” Scissors Hot Glue Ribbon Thick gauge wire or cut coat hangers 1. First cut the paper into 5 different sized petal shapes and than make 4 more again of each size. Shape and general size do not matter as this will depend on how large you want the flower. Here I’ve included in scissors for size comparison.  …

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    Faded Markers for Rustic 3D Typography

    Before you toss away those dried up, fading markers, give this technique a try! I had a set of markers in a drawer for years and almost threw them away, but faded markers can add interesting visual texture to 3D-looking text on a scrapbook paper base when combined with one fresh, working marker. What you need: faded marker(s) marker in working condition stencil thin pen patterned cardstock Using the thin pen and stencil, trace out the word you’d like on your scrapbook paper. Using the fresh marker, thicken the outlines on all the left edges and l the bottom edges to create a 3D effect. Try to imagine the sun…

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    Simple Appetizer Labels

    These appetizer labels are easy to make and help your house guests identify foods suitable for their dietary restrictions. What you need: card stock fancy-edged scissors regular scissors permanent marker tooth pick tape Cut out as many rectangles as you need in whatever size you’d like. (Awfully specific, ain’t I?) Using fancy-edged scissors, cut a design on the paper edges. Write your label text on with the marker using your best penmanship, or just scrawl it on like I did as pictured for a homemade touch. Put a little dot of marker in each corner to make it look fancy with little effort. Yay! With a small piece of tape, tape the tooth…

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    Stamp-Shaped Thank You Tags

    For a housewarming party, my friend wanted to create a special dessert as a thank you favour for each guest. She asked me to create little tags for each dessert. This tutorial will show you how to create your own thank you tags from scratch using Photoshop. This tutorial assumes that you have basic knowledge of Photoshop. What you will need: Computer with Photoshop or equivalent software Printer and ink Plain cardstock paper, white or light-coloured (8.5×11 or 12×12, depending on what size your printer prints). Paper cutter or scissors Fiskars Square-A-Licious squeeze punch, 1.5″ size Creating a Printable Sheet of Your Tag’s Design using Photoshop Open Photoshop and create…

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    How to Make a Paisley Flower Scrapbooking Embellishment

    Isn’t this stylized flower cute? This flower is an easy way to add a homemade embellishment to a scrapbook page. What you need: two pieces of coordinating scrapbooking paper 1.5-inch paisley paper punch, 2-inch circle punch, and 1-inch circle punch OR scissors to cut out these shapes double-sided tape cute sticker for the flower’s centre (optional) Punch or cut out a 2-inch circle and a 1-inch circle from your first sheet of scrapbooking paper. Set aside. Punch or cut out four 1.5-inch paisley shapes from the second sheet of paper. Arrange the four can i buy ativan in Mexico paisleys on top of the 2-inch circle (top, bottom, left, and…

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    Revitalize a Clipboard with Mod Podge

    I love crafting with Mod Podge, the almighty glue and sealant. I found an old clipboard, but it was discoloured from water damage and the metal clip component was slightly rusted. This clipboard was the perfect base for a cutesy transformation. This project is very easy and is great for first-time Mod Podgers.   What you need: clipboard Mod Podge two coordinating sheets of scrapbook paper scissors/paper cutter sponge brush measuring tape or ruler corner rounder scrapbooking punch (optional) Covering the Clip First, you will need to create a template to cover the clip portion of the clipboard from your scrap paper. I simply held my paper over the clip…