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  • DIY Polka Dot Wall Decals
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    How to Evenly Space Decals to Make a Polka Dot Wall

    Today I’ll show you how to use a template to evenly space decals into a polka dot grid pattern. Watch This Tutorial: For this project, you’ll need: Vinyl Cutting Machine like the Cricut Maker a removable vinyl like Oracal 631. Transfer tape Cardboard for making a template Plastic Scraper or a credit card Pencil Scissors You can use a Cricut, Silhouette, or similar vinyl cutting tool to cut out your decals, or you can buy premade ones.  The amount of decals you’ll need depends on the width and height of the wall area you want to decorate, plus how much distance you’d like between your decals. I estimated I’d need…

  • 5 Ways to Remove Candle Wax from Glass Jars
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    Video: 5 Ways to Remove Leftover Wax from Candle Jars

    This video is part 2 in my series on reusing candle wax. Previously I made a video on how to reuse candle wax by melting the wax in jars on the stove, then transferring all the hot wax to a new jar with a fresh wick. I got a lot of great feedback via comments on my YouTube channel from viewers on more ways to remove wax from jars. I’m currently stuck in the house due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so it’s the perfect time to try out your suggestions! If you have a tried and true method of removing wax that’s not described in this video or my previous…

  • Melt Your Old Candles into New Candles
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    Video: How to Melt Your Old Candle Wax into New Candles

    When I started stashing away my nearly empty candle jars, I had good intentions of repurposing the jars for storage or decor purposes.  Before I realized it, I had so many candle jars. There’s always those few millimeters of unusable wax at the bottom that I wanted combine together to form a new candle. I’ll show you how my husband and I  turned 30 spent candle jars into 4 fresh candle jars.  The yield will depend on how much wax was left in each jar, so your mileage may vary. Before we begin, just a quick disclaimer to try this technique at your own risk. Always take care when handling…

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    How to Sew Bar Stool Slipcovers Tutorial

    To fulfill my dream of renovating my kitchen on a budget, I tried my hand at making custom slipcovers for my new-to-me bar stools for the breakfast bar we are creating.  I didn’t buy a pattern to  make these.  Instead, I used my handy measuring tape and dove right in and figured things out as I went along. Each chair took approximately 2 infant nap times to cut out, sew, and staple – nap times are how I count time in my life now, apparently.  Overall, I’m pleased with the results and am happy to share my process with you.  This tutorial will show you how to recover a bar stool that has a…

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    Silhouette Cut Out Canvas – Vintage Sewing Machine

    This project was inspired by Ashley (of Joyfully Jenson)’s cut canvas project.  When I saw her project, I decided to add it to my 30 Crafty Projects to Complete Before I’m 30 list, with a small twist: a silhouette instead of an all-over pattern. I decided to do a silhouette of a vintage sewing machine.  I looked online for some silhouettes, but I didn’t find anything that I liked (too complex, too simple, not a model that I liked, etc).  I decided to use a photograph of my Singer 66 sewing machine and turn it into a silhouette myself. Want to make a cut out canvas like mine?  Here are the step by…

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    How to Make Mini Fabric Bolts for your Craft Room

    I recently shared my craft room reveal, but I didn’t go into much detail regarding my fabric storage solution. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a little commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. I’m currently using a pair of inexpensive particle board bookcases I purchased online.  My original plan was to simply fold my fabrics and stack them in the shelves, but I knew this would get messy in the long term as I pulled out fabrics to use.  I wanted a way to showcase my fabrics in such a way…

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    Painting Laminate Furniture: No Sanding Required

    I received this desk with fantastic bones from my friend Lea who was paring back her space.  Isn’t the shape of the desk great?  I love that it has two rollers; one is a full desk drawer with lots of dividers to keep everything neat and tidy, and one  is a roll-away tray, probably meant for a computer keyboard.  I love using a keyboard tray for scrapbooking. You can start work on a page, have lots of mess on your work surface, then simply push in the tray to keep your workspace tidy yet be ready to roll it out at a moment’s notice to get right back to it. While I loved the shape of…

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    How to Make a Chevron Quilt from Start to Finish

    If you have never quilted, this tutorial to create a small chevron tabletop quilt will be perfect for you. This project is small but will give you the skills you need to make a basic quilt with half square triangle (HST) blocks. You’ll learn how to do the following: cut out your fabrics assemble half square triangle (HST) unit blocks two at a time assemble the HST units into a chevron pattern assemble your quilt sandwich: quilt top, batting, and backing quilt the sandwich square up your quilt create binding from strips of fabric attach the binding to the quilt with mitred corners and hidden ends It looks like a…

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    Framed Prints on Clips Swappable Art

    For almost two years, I’ve had a small amount of this grey-blue drapery fabric leftover from my craft room’s curtains.  The fabric is very sturdy due to a heavyweight blackout lining. While cleaning out my soon-to-be mother-in-law’s basement, I found these two frames that were destined for the trash heap.  I immediately thought of this fabric and knew I could work with them to create an artwork display for interchangeable prints. The best part?  Everything in this project came from my stash, so there was no immediate cost.  Bonus! Supplies wooden frames (recycled) fabric (leftover from old projects) drapery clips ($1 on clearance at Fabricland) small-sized prints thumbtacks ruler (optional)…

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    Quilted Coaster Tutorial

    I love to make these simple quilted coasters using scraps of fabric. They are a great way to use up leftover quilting cotton and batting after making a quilt (with the added benefit of the quilt draped across the couch matching the coasters on the coffee table). The supplies are minimal for this project: Supplies Fabric, two 5″ squares per coaster Batting, one 5″ square per coaster Thread Sewing machine Iron Cut out your batting into 5″x5″ squares; cut out one per coaster. Cut out your fabric into 5″x5″ squares, cutting two per coaster. (If you’d prefer to make the back and front different, go for it!) Layer the fabrics…

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    3D Canvas Art with Paint

    I’ve seen this Pinterest pin floating around a bit. How it goes is to use either Elmer’s glue or hot glue on a canvas and then simply paint over the whole thing in one colour. So I’ve tried it out and my first attempt with Elmer’s glue was unsuccessful, basically it does not really work as the glue tends to run and flatten while drying. I then went to take two in which I attempted the same process with hot glue, you’ll see below the results of this. However, I would suggest using a larger canvas than what I used. Simply because it is hard to control the consistancy of…

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    Dry Erase Weekly Calendar

    I’ve seen several dry erase calendars pop up on Pinterest that use glass frames as a dry erase surface instead of using a store-bought dry erase board. I salvaged two 8×10 frames that were headed for the trash at my work during renovations to make this easy, 30-minutes-or-less project. The original pin that inspired me came from Maple and Magnolia. Although that calendar is a full calendar and is made with paint chips, not scrapbook paper, the concept is the same: by sliding a calendar template beneath a sheet of glass, you can write your numbers and daily info and erase it easily when the time comes. Too fun! Let’s…

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    Fabric Box Lid Canvas

    I always have weird fabric bits laying around in patterns I wouldn’t necessarily make into a garment. Which is why I like this project, I can display my interesting fabric finds as great decor. What you’ll need: Shoe box or scrap box lid Scrap fabric Scissors Stapler 1. Cut your fabric to fit the box lid with a bit of excess. 2.  Staple the fabric to both of the first opposing sides of the lid. Ensure that the fabric is pulled tightly so it looks smooth across the lid. 3. Staple the remaining sides tucking the corners how you would wrap a present ensuring the fabric is still pulled tightly…

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    DIY Shoe Hangers

    I always have a hard time organizing shoes so when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest I had to try it out. This originally comes from OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES blog  What you’ll need is a hanger, wire cutters, and plyers. The rest is pretty order tramadol online now simple, simply follow the pictures.         And thats it! Super easy and will be a nice storage for my shoes when winter comes. Here is the finished hanger (I realized I hung my shoes opposite after I posted this haha):  

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    Tinted Mason Jars with Food Colouring and Mod Podge

    Whenever I get glass jars that have any interesting shapes or indentations, I save them for projects like this: Tinted Mason Jars. With a little Mod Podge and food colouring, you can turn an ordinary object into something special. I found this project via Pinterest on the Momtastic Canada blog. Supplies: glass jas Mod Podge (gloss) food colouring oven baking tray and parchment paper I used what I had in the supply closet, so I substituted matte Mod Podge, but I found the results quite nice nonetheless. Basically, you have to mix food colouring and Mod Podge and coat the inside of a glass jar. After letting the paint drip…

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    Easy To Make Lyric Wall Art

    Here’s a great idea for someone who wants original wall art but is not too comfortable picking up a paintbrush. Well in this project you will need to pick up a paintbrush but not have to worry too much about technique. I’ve seen this popular pin a few times and wanted to try it out for myself.   What you’ll need:   Canvas Acrylic paints Paint brush Alphabet stickers A favorite phrase or song lyric in mind           1. Choose your paints. Make sure you have multiple colours or a set colour scheme or you can even free style it. Basically go abstract on the canvas…

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    DIY Picture Frame Earring Display

    If you’ve ever wandered around craft fairs or local boutiques you’ll usually find quirky displays for all types of things. When getting ready to participate in my first craft show I attempted this project as a way to display my earrings. Here is how to make your own earring display out of an old picture frame. What you’ll need: An old picture frame Garden or screen mesh Fabric strips Hot glue scissors 1. Remove the glass and backing from an old picture frame. You may also want to take out the metal prongs that keep the backing on.   2. Cut your mesh (you can usually find garden or window…