Box containing a Singer Automatic Zigzagger vintage attachment

Today I’ll be demonstrating the Singer Automatic Zigzagger vintage sewing machine attachment. Use this attachment in place of your regular presser foot to convert a straight-stitch-only sewing machine into a zigzagger. This particular zigzagger is a 1950s model for straight shank sewing machines. The manual included with the attachment advertises it is for the Class 15, 201, 221, and 1200 sewing machines, but I had no problem hooking it up to my Singer Class 66 sewing machine. You can zigzag stitch, you can blind stitch, and more with this handy attachment.

The video below will show you how to attach the Singer Automatic Zigzagger attachment to your machine, how to change the width of the stitches, how to flip between regular plain sewing stitches and the decorative ones without removing the attachment, and how to switch the Stitch Pattern cams. So handy! If you want the stability of the vintage straight stitch sewing machines and the versatility of a zig zag sewing machine, this is the foot for you!

Singer Automatic Zigzagger Attachment Demonstration and How-To Tutorial

I hope this video helped you get your Singer Automatic Zigzagger up and running. If you have any questions, let me know below or on the YouTube video comments.

Looking to buy a Singer Automatic Zigzagger attachment?

If you’re in the market for one of these handy attachments, I’ve seen some for sale from various sellers on Etsy. I was lucky and was able to find mine at a thrift store and paid $30 CAD. Hopefully you will get lucky and find someone selling one of these charming attachments.

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