I’m happy to announce that the maintenance on Craftcore is complete! It took me a little longer than expected to go through every post in the evenings and make sure all the download links, etc, were working, but it’s DONE! If you find anything missing, please don’t hesitate to let me know, either in a comment here on the blog, or if it’s easier, send me a DM on Twitter (@craftcoreDIY) !

Moving Update

two open moving boxes

I mentioned on a previous post that I’m moving, in real life, to a new city. My craft room is currently dismantled, all my supplies are packed up and in storage, and I’m currently typing this from a completely empty room minus my barebones desk and my computer.

I’m exactly two weeks out from my move-out date, and a few days after that, we’ll be moving into our new I’m itching to get back into sewing and creating art soon. The first thing you can expect on this blog after the move is completed is a craft room progress tour. So watch out for that!

I feel like for the past two years since my second child was born, I’ve had no extra time to create for fun. Most times I’ve pulled out my sewing tools it’s to mend a hole or make something useful for my kids. Yet, in the past month and a half while my house has been packed up, I’ve had such a drive to create. Meanwhile, all my supplies are inaccessible. It’s funny how time works. Here’s hoping that after the move, time and creative drive will align!

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