This year, I’ve been transforming my craft room space to incorporate the latest addition to my crafting arsenal, the Cricut Maker. I wanted to have a dedicated space to Cricut, but I still wanted to have lots of room to sew and lay out fabrics.

I was taking a walk with my family and we noticed one of our neighbours was throwing out a bunch of kitchen cabinets. My brain instantly thought how my craft room could be improved with the storage that lower kitchen cabinets could provide. We brought the cabinets home and did a total room rearrangement. I was able to create a new work surface by placing an old door from my master closet renovation on top of two cabinets, and a second worksurface by purchasing a used counter top from Habitat for Humanity.

New “kitchen” cabinets at far left and far right. New worksurfaces are ready for crafting!

Here is a tour of the craft room that you can watch on my channel, Craftcore DIY & Sewing:

This is a tour of my craft room, where I sew and do paper craft primarily.

My Craft Room Layout

My Craft Room Layout

My craft room is very multi purpose. Originally I transformed it from a basement storage room into a crafting space, but I still needed to keep a lot of the stored items in this room. Plus, my husband’s office needed to live in this space too since we now have two kids and our spare room needed to turn into another bedroom. Lots of life changes. Above, this is my layout. I have a lot of surfaces lining the walls plus two desks jutting out peninsula-style, in order to define the spaces. Although the room is quite full, it doesn’t feel cramped.

Something I’m really struggling with is balancing what I absolutely need with what I just want in my craft space. I have a lot of supplies that I literally have not touched in 10 plus years, but when I look into the boxes, I know that I could use it one day, or maybe one of my kids could use it for creative purposes when they are older. I have purged a lot and sold some things to make room, including a few of my vintage sewing machines.

I’ve made a rule for myself that I can’t purchase any new craft supplies without using existing supplies first. If the supplies can’t fit the storage, something has to go!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my craft space. Happy crafting!

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