Husqvarna 1070 Sewing Machine

Most of the sewing machine information I’ve been sharing on this blog are more “traditional” vintage sewing machines – gorgeous, all metal machines. However, this machine has grown on me, and I’ve come to choose it out of all my machines when I’m looking to do a decorative stitch.

This is my first Husqvarna sewing machine, although I did share a Husqvarna serger with my mother when I was younger.

I purchased this machine from the thrift store for $20, and over the years, I’ve invested in a new foot pedal, new standard feet and 1/4″ seam foot. A new walking foot attachment is actually tracking to arrive in the mail tomorrow to allow me to quilt more easily using the 1070. The machine is portable and features built-in bobbin organization. I have a dedicated craft room in my basement, but I’ve been keeping this machine out on my dining room table lately to allow me to get some sewing in while watching my kids.

Here is my threading demonstration video. I breeze over the bobbin loading, so keep scrolling to my second video to see a more detailed look at loading the bobbin.

The Husqvarna 1070 has a variety of decorative stitch sequences, but even cooler than that is the fact that the stitches can be programmed to perform the stitches in a repeating sequence. For example, the machine can output embroidered letters or alternative between 2 or more stitch patterns automatically. No need to manually switch back and forth!

Is there anything about this machine that you’ve been wanting to learn? I’ve been wanting to use this machine more and more lately. Recently my husband purchased a walking foot for me for this machine, so you can check out my unboxing of this attachment here:

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