Michaels $4 Grab Bag Haul - What Was the Value?!

Periodically, Michaels grab bags are available, where Michaels combine several products together in a mystery bag, package it together, and sell it all for $4.00 flat. They do this several times a year, but I’ve been unlucky with timing and they are always gone by the time I get over there.  I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase one for over five years!  My last bag was great, full of scrapbook stickers and various paper craft items, so I was hoping that this round would be as useful for the kind of crafts I like to make.

This year, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she picked up one, and her bag contained over $200 worth of merchandise. As soon as the work day was over, I headed over to two Michaels locations, one in Whitby and one in Oshawa, to see what they had available.

Whitby Michaels Grab Bags

I went to the Whitby location first since it’s conveniently near the train station (my daily home away from home).  There were a small amount of  grab bags were near the front windows, and several women were already there checking them out.  I joined them in squeezing the bags to determine what was inside.  Unfortunately, they were as disappointed as I was, because as we felt them, they all felt the same: totally full of floral picks.  I like artificial flowers, but not enough to get a bag that was only artificial flowers.

I asked an associate if there were any more grab bags around.  She directed me to the clearance aisle, which, although they were labeled as grab bags, they weren’t grab bags at all.  They were just various lanterns, baking and decor items selling for $4.00 each, with no mystery component.  It was a bit strange!

I left the Whitby store empty handed, disappointed by the offerings.

Michaels Whitby Grab Bag Options
The definition of “grab bag” is very loose at the Michaels Whitby location, in my opinion.

Oshawa Michaels Grab Bags

After much debate of whether the drive would be worth it, I decided to go to the next nearest Michaels location in Oshawa.  The store layout there is completely different and I didn’t immediately see anyone working except at the tills, so I wandered the store for a while until I found the grab bags, which, of course, were right by the entrance and I had totally walked by it.  Whoops.

Similar to the Whitby location, the bags were primarily full of floral picks.  I picked up each one until I found the one that I ended up taking home with me: it contained floral picks, but it also had a long package sticking out the top (which I was pretty sure that were glow sticks that would be perfect for my son’s upcoming birthday party favours.  There was a box of something, and a few bottles and something round.  Of the limited options, this one seemed the most interesting.

Michaels $4.00 Grab Bag Haul Video

So what was inside my bag?  Watch to find out!

Product Value Summary

  • Scented Bubbles: $4 x 2
  • Assorted Floral Stems: $14 x 3
  • 24 Piece Floral Accent: $30
  • Glow Stick Necklaces: $5 x 2
  • BAM! Ball: Unknown Value
  • TOTAL: $90

All in all, paying $4 for $90 worth of merchandise is not bad at all.  My son will enjoy the outdoor toys, so I definitely got my money’s worth.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with the floral craft supplies yet.  The necklaces will be great party favours.

My last grab bag experience was SO GOOD, and this one, although it added up to $90 worth of merch – it doesn’t feel like $90 worth of merchandise, if you know what I mean.

After I made my haul video, I went onto YouTube and searched for other Michaels September 2019 grab bag hauls and after watching a bunch, I’ve determined that my local Michaels locations were not as generous with their bags!  I found items in other people’s bags that were just sitting in my stores’ clearance sections for much more than $4 a piece.  It’s a bit disappointing, to say the least!

Do you like buying the grab bags?  Do you ever regret buying them?  Let me know in the comments!

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