The Singer 66 - How to Thread, How to Wind the Bobbin

I’ve written about my Singer 66 before, but I wanted to share some videos I prepared about this fantastic, reliable vintage sewing machine.  If you don’t have the manual, it can be tricky to thread the machine and wind the bobbin.  I’ve created a video series that showcases the steps required get the Singer 66 vintage sewing machine up and running, from opening the cabinet, to threading and operating the machine, to winding the bobbin.  I shared the threading video on my channel five months ago and finally finished up the bobbin video today.

Video 1: Opening and Closing the Singer 66 in Cabinet 40 (with knee pedal)

This video is very straight forward and probably unnecessary for people who have sewn on a vintage machine before, but I thought it would be handy to share just in case you’re interested.  If you’ve never used a sewing machine in a cabinet, it may not be intuitive how to open up the table to reveal the machine so you can start playing with it.  When I purchased this machine second hand, the previous owner thought the machine didn’t work, and I suspect he thought that because he didn’t know how to access the built in knee pedal.  As soon as I plugged it in and set up the machine, it worked right away.  Watch this video if you want to see how you open and close the cabinet.

Not all Singer 66s are in cabinets, but my particular version is.  The previous owner unfortunately stored the machine and cabinet in a garage , so please don’t mind the look of the water damaged veneer.

Video 2: How to Thread the Singer 66

This video shows you the steps required to thread the Singer 66. I’ve filmed it from a few different angles to give you the full experience of threading this machine. I’ve also demonstrated sewing using this machine.

The Singer 66 only does straight stitching, but boy, does it do a straight stitch well!

Video 3: How to Wind the Bobbin

So you’ve run out of bobbin thread…. This video shows you how to wind the bobbin so that you can keep on sewing.

I personally only own a few bobbins for this machine, so I’m very strategic about my bobbin thread colours. Hopefully you have more bobbins than I do!

Wait, I need something else!

I hope that you found this video series helpful!  Is there something else about the Singer 66 that you’d like me to tell you about?  Leave me a comment below with your feedback and I’ll try my best to help.

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