How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Feet

So you’ve just picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift store, and you’re lucky enough to have all or some of the original attachments that came with the machine. But wait. What are all these things? If you are a new sewer, some of these won’t be familiar. How can you determine what they are?

If the machine is Singer and if the attachments are authentic, they will have a Simanco part number on them.

How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Attachments Video:

After you find the number, visit the Accessory Part Numbers page on the Singer Sewing Info site. Match up the Simanco number from your accessory to the one on the list and BAM. You can find out what your part does and learn all about it.  If your attachment doesn’t have a part number, they also have a handy gallery option so you can match it up by how it looks instead.

There are a lot of part numbers on this page and they aren’t in numerical order.  Here’s a quick tip for Windows users to help you find what you’re looking for: Hold CTRL and F on your keyboard to quickly find the number on the page.

Here are all the parts that came with my 1930’s Singer 66 sewing machine, for example. I’m looking forward to using them all!

Which Simanco accessory attachment is your favourite? I’m loving the 1/8″ hemmer!  It makes such a cute, tiny hem. Have you tried all the attachments for your machine?

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