Last night I attended my friend’s 30th birthday party.  The party decor and food was themed based on in-jokes from the Friends TV show.  For her gift, I wanted to give a little something that matched the theme.  I decided to put together a simple gift basket for someone who would want to binge watch Friends.  What is a TV show marathon without popcorn?

I made my TV Show Marathon Gift Basket using the One Hour Basket pattern by Hearts and Bees.

1 Hour Fabric Basket

I chose a cheery gold and yellow polka dot for the exterior and a ditsy orange floral print for the lining.

I didn’t have the fusible stabilizer indicated by the pattern, so I used standard polyester quilt batting and simply sewed it to the fabric using a 1/8″ seam allowance around the perimeter instead of fusing it.  It worked just fine!

I filled the basket with microwave popcorn and a few bags of popcorn chips.  She’s ready to binge watch Friends with the umpteenth time now.

TV Show Marathon Gift Basket.

If you want to make a similar basket, you can download the free pattern from Craftsy.

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