This year I celebrated Halloween with my baby at home rather than going to any kind of event.  I wanted to share a quick photo with you of my son’s costume.  I was busier than I thought I would be in the days leading up to Halloween and didn’t have time to put together a complicated costume for my infant to wear around the house on Halloween.  Instead, I opted for a quick and easy gnome costume which I put together in less than 10 minutes.

I turned my baby into a gnome.  Aww!
Halloween 2016 - Infant Gnome Costume

I already had a bib on hand that was in the shape of a beard.  It came with a Santa Claus outfit that I’m planning to put on him for Christmas.  I made the hat out of red fleece, modifying the pattern from the website Fleece Fun.  Two seams later I had a hilariously pointy gnome hat.

Happy Halloween!

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