I originally had a very cute but not somewhat uncomfortable wooden rocking chair for the corner of my nursery.  I lucked into this great garage sale find and was able to complete my nursery: a used glider and ottoman set for $10!  Score!

My baby room is mint and grey, but when I brought home the navy glider, I was shocked at how nice the navy looked in the room.  I originally thought I’d have to buy a dark grey fabric, but I decided to keep the navy.  The only problem was that the ottoman did not have a proper cover, and was quite dingy:

Pillowcase Ottoman DIY - recovering the ottoman with fabric - BEFORE

I have never reupholstered furniture before, but this project was easy to complete for a complete newbie thanks to the help I got from reading on [site no longer exists].  I found an old pillowcase in my linen closet that was a nearly perfect match for the fabric on the glider.  The sheen and texture of the fabric was spot on!

After ripping out the side seams, the pillowcase was just the perfect size.  I flipped the ottoman upside down and cut out a piece of fabric from my pillowcase approximately 2″ larger than the ottoman itself.  Holding the fabric taut, I used a heavy-duty stapler to hold the fabric in place on the underside, taking care to wrap the corners as neatly as I could.

Pillowcase Ottoman DIY - recovering the ottoman with fabric

Here is the end result of my recovered ottoman.  Unless you are looking extremely close, you wouldn’t know that the fabrics are different.  The glider and ottoman combo is much more comfortable than my old rocking chair.  I’m pleased as punch!

Pillowcase Ottoman DIY - recovering the ottoman with fabric - AFTER

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