365 days ago I decided to pick 30 crafty projects to complete before I turned 30.

What a year! ¬†30 projects was too¬†aggressive, but I am happy with the projects that I was able to complete. ¬†It’s always great to shoot for the moon – that way if you fail to reach the moon, you’ll still reach the stars.

Out of the 30 projects I dreamed about, I completed 12 projects. 40% Completion.

My biggest problem was that I kept on making things last year that were not on the list. ¬†I can’t help it! ¬†When the desire to make something¬†hit,¬†the 30-before-30 list inevitably was moved aside to make room.

Funnily enough, I counted the projects that I made in the past year that were not on the 30-before-30 list, and there were exactly 18 – totaling 30 projects!

  1. fidget quilt
  2. laminated bookmark
  3. pinwheel blocks
  4. pumpkin wall hanging
  5. bowling themed mug rug
  6. coin purse
  7. monkey wrench quilt
  8. reindeer free motion quilt
  9. winter mini quilt
  10. HST mini quilt
  11. Valentine’s Day table runner
  12. diagonal slice diamond baby quilt
  13. gathered elastic waist skirt
  14. doll quilt
  15. ultrasound pregnancy announcement
  16. red polka dot skirt
  17. maternity tank dress
  18. colour block tank dress

So despite not completing the exact 30 projects I originally planned, I am happy that I was still able to produce so many handmade projects in the past year.

If you’re interested, here was my to-do list for the past¬†year, organized by category, with my comments regarding what did and did not get done.

Happy making!

Home Decor Projects

  1. Recycled DIY Ottoman – via Good Home DIY
    via Good Home DIY
    via Good Home DIY

    Project 1 on the list was not completed. ¬†I tried to collect plastic bottles to make this with, but I don’t drink cola or other carbonated beverages often. ¬†I had a decent collection of ginger ale bottles collected when I was having a touch of morning sickness, but my husband didn’t realize I was collecting them and recycled them one day. ¬†Oops! ¬†I’d still like to make this one day, but I’m not going to rush it.

  2. Woven Vase Рvia Cool DIY Tricks, Tips & Ideas

    via Cool
    via Cool DIY Tricks, Tips & Ideas

    Oops, I never got around to this one.  I have the vase that I want to modify on hand, so this might be one that I get back to once I have more time.

  3. Giant String Chandelier Рvia Inspirera Mera

    via Inspirera Mera

    This isn’t looking good, is it?! ¬†The first three projects on my list were never completed. ¬†Ack.

  4. Cut Out Canvas Рvia Joyfully Jenson

    via Joyfully Jenson
    via Joyfully Jenson
  5. Scrap Wood Snowflake Decor Рvia Ana White

    via Ana White
    via Ana White

    I had good intentions, but I wasn’t able to complete this project. ¬†I didn’t help that my birthday is in fall, so I passed the winter season early on in the challenge. ¬†Who wants to make a snowflake in the blazing heat of summer?

  6. Upgraded Bathroom Lighting Рvia Houzz
    via Houzz
    via Houzz

    My lighting is essentially the same as the before picture.  I want to do something about this harsh lighting.  My harsh lighting is the same as last year because my desire for this DIY lampshade totally disappeared.  This is a project that is being nixed altogether.

  7. Finish my Bedroom Decor
    I did it, but I didn’t blog about it. ¬†I purchased a headboard, some vases, some fake flowers, and decluttered the space. ¬†However, the room is still a work in progress and is something I’d like to continue to work on when I have the budget to do so. ¬†My furniture is a mix-mash of styles that my husband and I accumulated over the years. ¬†One day I’d love this room to be a calm oasis, but that day is not today.
  8. Organize My Closet
    Completing this project really helped my sanity!

Fabric and Textile Projects

  1. Learn to Paper Piece Рvia Craftsy

    Cat Paper Piecing
    via Craftsy

    I still need to master this quilting technique.

  2. LynneBobSquarePants Quilt Block¬†– via¬†Lily’s Quilts¬†and¬†My Fabric Obsession
    LynneBobSquarePants block
    via Lily’s Quilts and My Fabric Obsession

    I cut out all the pieces for this quilt on August 31st with intentions of sewing the block together the following day, but my unborn son had different plans!  I went into labour in the wee hours of the morning after cutting the fabric, and following his birth, crafting was the last thing on my mind.

  3. Complete a Shirt Alteration
    I completed this project but I didn’t photograph it in time. ¬†I modified my bowling team jersey because it was a men’s large and I was swimming in it. ¬†The biggest problem is that the “short sleeves” were actually hitting an awkward part of my elbow and the shirt was actually getting in the way of my bowling arm’s natural swing. ¬†I took in the shoulder width to make it fit my frame. ¬†I didn’t have a serger at the time so I enlisted the help of my mom to finish¬†the seams. ¬†I wore it for ¬†as long as I could for¬†my bowling league but my then-pregnant body didn’t fit it anymore. ¬†I guess I shouldn’t have modified the size after all!
  4. A Pair of Cozy Slippers Рvia Charise Creates
    via Charise Creates

    Why did I put off making this project?!  They are so cute!

  5. Folding Quilting Tool Stand Рvia Haberdashery Fun
    via Haberdashery Fun

    I ended up purchasing a hairdresser’s rolling cabinet at the thrift store that is absolutely perfect for toting around all my sewing supplies between rooms. ¬†This project was nixed from the list.

  6. Christmas Folded Star Ornaments Рvia Mark Ballard
    via Mark Ballard
    via Mark Ballard

    I have everything needed to make these balls. ¬†Maybe this Christmas I’ll finally be ready to make them.

  7. Sharpie Pillow Рvia The Happy Housie

    via The Happy Housie
  8. Travel Artist Carrier Рvia Lea + Lars
    via Lea & Lars
    via Lea + Lars

    I didn’t end up making this exact project, but I did make a similar project this year, a case for my knitting needles rather than pens and pencil crayons.

  9. Rounded Zipper Pouch Рvia Quiltsalott

    rounded quilted zipper pouch
    via Quiltsalott
  10. Microwave Safe Bowl Hot Holders Рvia Craftsy

    via Craftsy
    via Craftsy

    My budget didn’t allow me to buy this pattern this year, but I’d still like to make this one day.

  11. Felt Food Pincushions Рvia Tiny Hands Online

    felt food pincusion
    via Tiny Hands Online
  12. Pen Holder for Daily Planner Рvia Belinda Selene

    via Belinda Selene
    via Belinda Selene

Yummy Food Ideas

  1. Cake Pops Рvia Love from the Oven

    via Love from the Oven
    via Love from the Oven
  2. Piped Potatoes Рvia Pinterest (original source unknown)

    via Pinterest
    via Pinterest

    I kept meaning to do this but I never had an occasion where people were coming over while serving potatoes. I’m keeping this in my stock pile for the upcoming holiday season. ¬†I have a new-to-me dining room table with extension panels so I have a bit more room to entertain guests.

Miscellaneous Fun

  1. Yard Dice Рvia Blue i Style

    via Blue i Style
    via Blue i Style

    Can you imagine playing Yahtzee with these bad boys? ¬†I imagined it, but I didn’t end up making¬†it – sigh.


  1. Wire Wrapping with Rock Tumbled Rocks
    My husband purchased a rock tumbler for me years and years ago for one of my birthday presents. ¬†That was prior to us being engaged, and we were engaged for nearly three years prior to getting married. ¬†Needless to say, there’s no excuse for me not to have a batch of beautifully tumbled rocks in all this time. ¬†I need to tumble some rocks, and then I need to make them into some wire wrapped jewelry. ¬†I need to stop being intimidated by the rock tumbler!
    Another birthday has come and I still haven’t dusted off the rock tumbler. ¬†Ack!

Paper Craft Projects

  1. Origami Stars Рvia Origami Fun

    Origami Mini Lucky Stars
    via Origami Fun
  2. Exploding Card Рvia Balzer Designs (video)
    via Designs
    via Balzer Designs

    Nope.  I got lazy.

  3. Exploding Box –¬†via¬†Penny Wessenauer

    via Penny
    via Penny Wessenauer

    Again, I got lazy.

  4. Paper Handbag – via¬†Silvey’s Craftroom
    Paper Bag Purse
    via Silvey’s Craftroom

    Oh goodness, why did I procrastinate?

Yarn Projects

  1. Crochet Amigurumi Kitty Cupcakes Рvia Stuff Susie Made

    via Stuff Susie Made

  2. Dish Cloths with Raised Designs Рvia Down Cloverlaine

    via Down Cloverlaine

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