I wanted to make a jar full of origami stars. I decided¬†to use origami paper to make the process as smooth as possible, as opposed to¬†cutting printed paper I had on hand into strips. ¬†I found an unexpected source for inexpensive origami paper precut in strips: online vendor AliExpress. I bought two types, one in a floral print and one in¬†a glow-in-the-dark “love” typographic print. ¬†They took almost two months to come, but¬†they were worth the wait.

Origami Stars in a Jar

These are my origami stars. ¬†They are tiny and adorable. ¬†I made all of my stars during my commute to work on the train over the course of a few days (approximately 80 stars total). ¬†Some of my stars didn’t turn out the best, but I hid those in the middle of the jar. ¬†Who will know?!

These jars are super tiny, and actually came with¬†yogurt inside! ¬†I bought Riviera’s Petit Pot¬†yogurt purely to reuse the set of jars.
A Single Origami Star

The strips I purchased came with instructions in Chinese¬†to make them, but I had a hard time following. ¬†If you want to make your own origami stars, I definitely recommend the Origami Fun website. ¬†The step-by-step instructions were¬†easy to follow. ¬†Once I made a few, I didn’t need to reference the site anymore.
Origami Stars in a Jar

I would definitely buy more origami strips to make more of these adorable little stars down the road!

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