Question: how do you store your work-in-progress sewing projects (WIPs)?

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I sometimes take on more projects than I should at the same time.  I often have many sewing projects on the go, working on them in short bursts when my whim hits.  Sometimes I want to quilt!  Sometimes I want to sew clothes!  Sometimes I want to just cut into the fabrics and sew another time – that’s fine too!  This leads me to have quite a few projects on the go in various stages of completion.

I try to keep my work in progress pile contained to a single box, lest things get a wee bit out of hand.  Of course, some projects, like a queen sized quilt, won’t fit in the box, so I do allow myself some leeway.  I “file” my work-in-progress projects in a pretty banker box as pictured below.  I keep each project separate in plastic Ziplock-style bags with their pattern/project info, then drop each of those bags into the banker box’s file folders for safe keeping until I want to work on them again.

Work in Progress Storage Box Solution

Right now, my box is bursting; I have seven projects in the box, plus three quilts outside of the box.  Shh!

Are you the type of person who works on one project until it’s done?  Or are you like me and like to have a lot on the go?  Let me know how you store your projects in the comments!

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