I'm happy to announce that my husband and I are expecting a baby! Our due date is September 4, 2016.
I’m happy to announce that my husband and I are expecting our first child! Our due date is September 4, 2016.  Apologies for the sporadic blog updates the past few months as pregnancy has been more tiring than expected!

What is the best way to announce to your friends and family that you’re having a baby?  I had a really hard time with the big reveal.  I’m an introverted type when it comes to telling people news about myself in person, so I decided that after telling close family about my pregnancy in person, I would use Facebook to do the announcing at 12 weeks to tell everyone else the good news.

Pregnancy Announcement Photography

For my reveal, I kept it simple.  I printed out a copy of my 11 week dating digital ultrasound photo on plain computer paper, increasing the contrast prior to printing to make the whites brighter and the blacks darker.  I also made my own monthly calendar in Microsoft Word and used a pretty font for the month and year, printed it out, and marked the date with a heart.  I framed the ultrasound photo, leaned my calendar in the corner of my light box, and added a little key and mint-coloured heart as prop.  Very easy, very simple, and the framed ultrasound will be displayed in the baby room.

Facebook Baby Announcement | Craftcore

Gender Reveal Cupcake Photography – It’s a….

At 18 weeks, I had my gender scan, but baby was extremely uncooperative and didn’t let us see the gender nor get all the necessary measurements.  I went back at 20 weeks, and finally, baby was cooperative and we found out the gender.

My mom baked me up a batch of cupcakes in anticipation: half blue, half pink.  She didn’t know what the gender was when she made them.  When I asked her what she thought the sex would be, she predicted boy based on the cupcake batter; more blue cupcake batter was unintentionally made than pink!

Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore
Can you predict gender based on cupcake batter?!

To hide the batter colour for the cupcake that would be used for the photo reveal, I added a second wrapper after baking so no one could peek.

Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore

The batter guess was correct!

For the photo reveal, I made a little sign to put in the cupcakes that said “it’s a boy!” using a Fiskars cutter and alphabet stencil set.   I attached it to a tooth pick, and voila!  The blue cupcake was photo-ready and ready for its closeup.

Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore

Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore

Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore Cupcake Gender Reveal | Craftcore

Gender Reveal Cake Photography

My mom also made a beautiful cake after we told her the baby was going to be a boy.  I just love those rose swirl icing she made!  We cut a slice into the cake and posed for a few photos to share with friends and family online.
Gender Reveal Cake Gender Reveal Cake

P.S. The mint and grey baby gender neutral baby quilt I recently shared was made with my baby in mind!  It was just too early to reveal the news.


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