What tastes better than peanut butter and chocolate? I was in the mood for some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but I was also in the mood to make something peanut buttery in the kitchen. I followed Nicko’s Kitchen’s recipe to make these, and they turned out great. Below the picture, you can watch the video that shows just how easy this is. No baking is required, but patience is needed to wait for all the layers to set.

Is anyone else addicted to watching those short and sweet recipe videos?  This is the video below that inspired me to try Nicko’s recipe:

Recipe Video

My Attempts at the Peanut Butter Bars

reeses knockoff peanut butter bars

I found it difficult to slice the bars into even sizes, but the end results were rich and delicious.  I displayed them on a simple glass tiered rack and they disappeared quickly when my family came to visit.  It’s a good idea to make these when guests come over so that you don’t overindulge!  They are very sweet.

reeses knockoff peanut butter bars on display


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