Sometimes the most fulfilling projects are the simple ones that make a little girl smile.  The complexity of the output is not important.

This post is coming a few weeks late, but I had a great time with my friend and her step daughter the other weekend. We had a girls’ day full of sewing and snacks.

My friend’s step daughter Serena had a momentous occasion coming up, losing her first baby tooth.  A big deal for a little girl!  For the occasion, I helped her pick out fabrics to use to make her own special tooth fairy pillow.  The pillow was made to her own specifications – she wanted to have not one but two little pockets: one for the tooth itself, and one for the the tooth fairy to leave her a loonie.  Why not?

She picked out all her fabrics and trims from my stash and we got to work making the pillow from fleece, lace, and leftover quilt batting as stuffing.  She loved stuffing the pillow with the bits of batting at the end of the pillow making process.

I think this pillow will work out just fine.  Hope the tooth fairy is generous!

tooth fairy pillow

After we made the pillow, Serena asked if we could make her dolly something too.  She has a baby doll that she really loves simply named Baby.  Unfortunately Baby no longer had any clothes and needed something.  I didn’t have any doll patterns on hand, but we whipped up this extremely basic shift dress with snaps on the shoulders.    Sheep make for a great pajama dress!

pajamas for baby doll

Baby also needed a blankie.  Luckily I had an extra quilt block left over from my Monkey Wrench quilt since I miscounted and made one extra.  I used the same fabric from Baby’s PJs to make a quick border and backing, and it turned into a quick little blanket for her doll.

a doll quilt for baby
These three projects were made quickly but I think Serena really enjoyed her afternoon in the sewing room.

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