I’m in love with this sweet little quilted purse made from scraps of fabrics I had saved from a previous quilt.  You may recognize these colours from my Monkey Wrench quilt, featuring vibrant blues, oranges, and greens with a splash of white. The only parts of this project that weren’t scraps were the white and green polka dot bias binding and lining fabric and the zipper itself.  Reusing scraps that were meant for the garbage made this a very inexpensive project!

Completed Rounded Zipper Purse by Craftcore - great scrapbuster!

I started this project by pulling out coordinating pieces of fabric scraps from one of my three scrap bins.  I cut them down into various strips, all 2.5″ wide, but with varying lengths.  I randomly sewed my strips into longer strips using 3 to 5 different colours per row.  I didn’t over think the process, simply sewing together haphazardly.  When I laid out my rows, I arranged the rows without any of the same fabric print touching each other.  Essentially, I wanted to turn all my little bits of fabric into one larger usable piece of fabric to use as the foundation for the purse.

I followed Janet’s tutorial over at Quiltsalott for the purse itself.  Once my scrap mini quilt was big enough to fit the pattern pieces, I sandwiched a mini quilt (backing, batting, and my mini quilt as pictured below) and quilted along the lines.

For the most part, I followed Janet’s instructions, but I modified them a little to suit my quilt lines. I used a slightly different shape for my base template, using two bowls to draw my circles so they weren’t exactly 8″ each. My other modification was changing the depth of the purse itself (I did 2″ deep corners instead of 1.5″ deep corners to suit the depth of my strips better on the base of my project).

Constructing the Base of the Rounded Zipper Purse

One of my goals for my 30 before 30 project was to move out of my comfort zone with zippers.  I usually do straight-forward zippers, but this one involved truncating a longer zipper into a custom size and other details.  Janet’s tutorial was great and easy to follow!  I used the 1/8″ foot on my Singer 66 to sew on the zipper close to the edge of the binding.  I need to practice making my top stitching even on zippers.

Craftcore | Zipper Assembly

This project was actually my first time ever making and sewing bias binding.  I don’t sew a lot of curves so I’ve never needed to, but it was very easy to make diagonal strips on the bias to make the trim beside the zipper.

Here are some more views of the quilted purse.  You can see that the base of my purse is fairly square.  It’s just too fun! If you are looking to make a sweet quilted zipper pouch or purse, I definitely recommend checking out Quiltsalott for the purse tutorial.

Craftcore | Quilted Purse - base and bottom, looking adorable from all angles!

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