Am I the only one who finds it easier to use a planner if it’s been personalized with decorations? This useful decorating idea is so simple but so effective! Some pages of a binder get much more use than others, leading to the requirement of using page reinforcements, those white utilitarian stickers that protect the holes in your paper from being ripped out of¬†the rings.

These DIY sweet stickers help add strength and style to hard-working pages.

All you need to create your own pretty reinforcements are small circular stickers in any design you prefer and a single hole punch.  These sparkly circular stickers are from Sandylion Stickers.

DIY Page Reinforcements

Step 1: Align your hole punch in the centre of your circle stickers.  Punch it out!
Step 2: That’s it! ¬†Peel and stick in place around the punched holes in your important planner pages.

DIY Page Reinforcements

These stickers are so glimmery that it was hard to photograph how cute they look on my calendar page for 2016.

DIY Page Reinforcements

DIY Page Reinforcements
Much prettier than this, right?

The End Result in my Planner
DIY Page Reinforcements

I used my DIY page reinforcements on a variety of pages in my financial planner, but my favourite is my calendar overview page. I printed out the free printable from Wendaful, which is really pretty and soft. I only had access to a black-and-white low resolution printer and standard printer paper, so I coloured in the printable in with pencil crayons and tore the outer edges to give it some additional interest.  These glitzy page reinforcements act like jewelry for the page!

Happy planning!

DIY pretty page reinforcement stickers to add some bling to your planner

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