Special delivery!  Mail days are great, when the mail doesn’t involve bills.  A package arrived on my doorstep today that contained quilter happiness.

If you’ve been following my fidget quilt series, you probably thought I was done talking about them.  Nope, this is the 6th and final post in the series!  As I mentioned before, my team was eliminated from the contest after the first round, but I wanted to finish the project.  They had a side contest for the Biggest Loser; essentially anyone who had been eliminated could continue submitting and we’d compete for the side prize.

I’m excited to say I won by a hair, 0.2%!  I didn’t expect to win because all the ladies in our Quilt Cave group are extremely talented.  I got so wrapped up in the creation process that I had forgotten that there was a prize involved.  You know what that means?  QUILTY SWAG!

Sorry for the caps lock, I just can’t portal my level of excited about a bag of sewing goodness without some good ol’ fashioned uppercase letters.

Quilted Swag Bag
I love this mini handled bag by Meesh. She is talented! The colours are absolutely beautiful. This will become beautiful storage in my craft room.
Quilted Swag Bag
Starburst! Candy is awesome.
Quilted Swag Bag
I think my kitten Parmesan might love the quilted bag as much as I do! I couldn’t get him away from it when trying to take photos.
Quilted Swag Bag
I didn’t realize his tail was in the last shot, haha, oops!

My prize contained the quilted bag, a tank top with our group’s logo and slogan on it, tons of fat quarters, patterns, a keychain, pencils, tiny snippers, and candy!  What more could a girl ask for?
Quilted Swag Bag

I’m really looking forward to using these new goodies in the near future!

Happy Sewing!

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