This is the final block in my fidget quilt challenge. This week’s task involved two components.  The Quilt Cave fidget challenge had 30 participants, and one of the tasks was to emulate one of the fidget elements by another entrant.  In addition to this, we had to make a miniature quilt, maximum size 6″ x 6″, that would be attached to our quilt block.

Here is my final result:

Fidget Quilt - Windmill Cathedral Window and Farm Girl Vintage mini quilt | Craftcore
Quilt Queens Windmill Cathedral Window by SondraFidget Quilt - Windmill Cathedral Window and Farm Girl Vintage mini quilt | CraftcoreI decided to follow in Sondra’s footsteps to create the windmill cathedral window block.  Unfortunately mine didn’t turn out as nice and smooth as Sondra’s, but it was still fun to try out a new technique.

I followed the Windmill Cathedral Window tutorial from Sewn Up, essentially folding four squares in half and layering them over top of a background square.

I used a blue polka dot fabric as my base to allow a burst of colour to peek out.  I zigzagged over the corners to add additional detail.

To cover up the raw edges of the block, I continued with my theme of brown and pink ribbons.  This argyle ribbon has been in my stash for ages, so I layered it down on the diagonal. I think it adds some drama to what would have been otherwise a pretty plain block.

Here is a detail shot of the windmill cathedral window.  I used my sewing machine to sew the window rather than hand sewing.

Windmill Cathedral Window by Craftcore | Zig Zag Detailing in corners with a puffy appearance

For my mini quilt, I decided to go with a Farm Girl Vintage quilt block.  I’ve seen this strawberry block all over Instagram and Pinterest and I had been dying to try it.  This pattern book is on my wishlist, but for now, I went ahead and calculated out the measurements I would need.  All the pink fabrics in this block were from yard sale finds.  Score!

Farm Girl Vintage mini quilt | Craftcore

When I was finished the mini strawberry quilt, I actually felt a bit sad that I was going to have to attach it to my fidget quilt block. It’s just so cute on its own, so I will definitely have to make another one of these to put on my wall.

In addition to the two required elements, I decided to add some tassels to the corner for some visual interest and a more textural element.

I’ve sewn the four fidget blocks together into one layout.  Despite the fabrics being mostly scraps from other projects, I think the final result looks fairly unified.  Having that pink striped fabric going through each block really helps.

Fidget Quilt - Windmill Cathedral Window and Farm Girl Vintage mini quilt | Craftcore

All that is left to do on this project is add borders, quilt, and bind.  Once that’s completed, I’ll share the final result!

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