When I first started quilting, I was addicted to the brick layout. ¬†It’s a very forgiving layout for beginners since there are no seams to match perfectly. At some point in my online fabric shopping adventures, I picked up a heart and lace¬†Valentine’s Day themed fabric. ¬†I had used part of the panel for another project, but I was left with a piece the size of this¬†central square. ¬†Although it was mostly pink and white, it did have splashes of bright green which I carried through the quilt in the floral print.

I cut out¬†the rectangles at¬†6″ by 10″ each, unfinished. ¬†I added top and bottom sashing to the centre block in order to make the size of the focal point line up with the height of three bricks.Finished Size: 42″ x 46″. ¬†If you happen to be¬†wondering why the math doesn’t work out correctly based on a 9 row brick layout (6″ high rectangles should finish at 5.5″ with 1/4″ seams), this is because when I first started quilting, I didn’t use standard 1/4″ seams. ¬†Rebel!

Craftcore | Heart Panel Pink and Green quilt with simple brick layout
Sorry for the deeply set creases! It’s been folded for many many years!

Don’t look too closely at my binding in these photos, particularly the corners. ¬†Although my binding skills were not great at the time, I still love the bright contrast of the green binding against the stark white backing.

Pure White Backing Fabric with bright green binding

For the quilting, I stitched 1/4″ from all the horizontal seams. ¬†In the focal panel, I stitched in white thread around the perimeter of the heart. ¬†I wasn’t happy with the slight wrinkling around this stitch line at the time, but when I look at¬†it now with the perspective of passed time, it wasn’t as bad as I thought!Craftcore | Heart Echo Quilting

Who can resist a bright pink quilt?


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