This quilt features brown and pink fabrics made with half square triangles.  I designed the pattern myself while doodling on my tablet – I call it the Diamond Echo.

Quilt Top featuring Diamond Echo pattern layout

This quilt was a stash buster.  Years ago I picked up this pretty brown and pink floral while travelling south of the border with a friend.  While in Buffalo, we snagged a bunch of quilting cottons.  I loved the print so much that I didn’t want to cut into it.  I decided to keep the bulk of the fabric for the backing of a quilt and use whatever was left within the design.  I combined the brown floral with a cute pink on white polka dot and a cherry print, all fabrics I had purchased without a plan.  This quilt was the result!

Quilt Back featuring echo quilting in brown thread.

I used a brown thread that blends in for the bobbin thread.  For the quilt on top, I used either brown or pink thread.

Craftcore Diamond Echo Quilt is made with big half square triangle units and pieces together fast

For the bulk of the quilt, I stitched 1/4″ from each of the seams.  For the brown diamonds, I used an echo quilting technique, starting from the outside and pivoting when I reached each corner until I got all the way to the centre of the block.  I love the look, but keep in mind that it makes for a very stiff quilt in those sections since it’s so dense.  This style of quilting added great interest on the backside of the quilt.

Craftcore | echo quilting stitches

Craftcore | Echo Quilting - 1/4" between each stitch line for dense quilting
Close up shot of the echo quilting – Don’t mind the cat hair!

I finished this quilt around November 2014.  It was one of the last quilts I made at my apartment.  The quilt is a small lap quilt, measuring approximately 30″ x 40″.
Craftcore | echo quilting stitches

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