This quilt was a baby shower present for my nephew Samuel. I chose pale green and denim shades of blue for the baby boy.  Half of the fabrics feature a car motif with traffic signals, stop signs, automobiles, and directional arrows.  My favourite fabric from this quilt is the dark blue star fabric which I used as the backing and the binding.

Craftcore | Sammy's Half Square Triangle Baby Boy Quilt

I created the quilt using jumbo half square triangle blocks cut out from 10″ squares.  I added a 3″ border around the edge of the entire quilt.  For the stitching. I quilted 1/4″ from all seams in navy to blend into the star backing but stand out and pop on the bulk of the paler fabrics.  The pattern is really basic, following a diagonal fabric repetition.  The big blocks really let the fabrics speak for themselves.

Craftcore | Baby Boy Jumbo Half Square Triangle (HST) Quilt - a quick baby shower gift

I remember sewing this quilt while my apartment was half packed up before my husband and I moved into our house.  There were boxes everywhere and I had little space to spread out.  Unfortunately because of this, I wasn’t able to get blog-worthy photographs before giving the quilt away.  I hope the photos above from my cellphone are enough to see the details.  The only photograph I took with my actual camera was this one of my cat Diamond sneaking onto the quilt for a snooze (you can see packed boxes in the background).  You can really see the star binding on this photo!
Star Print Quilt Binding

I’m currently working on a quilt for my niece who is due to be born in a couple of weeks.  I can’t wait to share it with you as well!

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