I’m sure this predicament is common for many couples: one person arrives home earlier than the other but isn’t sure what the other person is thinking for dinner. I come home much later than my fiance, and he has offered to start prepping dinner so we can enjoy it at a decent hour when I get home.

The problem: what to make?

I’ve done weekly meal plans taped to the fridge, Google documents, phone calls in the middle of the day, Pepperplate… Nothing has stuck.

menu-suppliesThis time, I’ve decided to go bulletin board style with a recipe name thumbtacked beside a letter representing a day of the week. I didn’t even have to buy any supplies because I had everything here from other projects.

I’m hoping this plan will be more sustainable because there is am extra list of go-to recipes always available pinned to the board for planning out the options for the week.


  • picture frame, glass removed
  • cork board
  • scrapbook paper / cardstock
  • cardstock letters
  • double-sided acid-free tape
  • paper cutter
  • paper punch (stamp outline)
  • permanent marker
  • push pins
  1. Cut a piece of cork board to fit inside a picture frame.
  2. Increase the fanciness of the cork board by decorating it with cardstock.
  3. Use cardstock letters to represent the days of the week.
  4. Punch blank templates with a paper punch, one template for each common recipe you make.
  5. Use push pins to stick a recipe beside each day of the week.



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